The coastal cottage style is often defined by its seaside elements and colors. Imagine a soothing ambiance, and pictures of sand, driftwood, rope, shells, and the light reflecting off of the water all come to mind. The goal is to incorporate traits in a way that is clean and simple, incorporating sun-kissed breezes, and an overall sense of relaxation indoors without the mess of the sand. 

Characteristics of Coastal Interior DesignUnderstanding Coastal Design and Implying it to Your House

Just like the beach, it is important to understand that when designing, nothing about your space should be overwhelming. Colors in your area should be a mix of neutral, with pops of color, similar to pairing sand with sea foam. Layering similar shades of color adds dimension to your space, and adding touches of rope, driftwood, or shells can perfect the look with texture. 


  • Main Colors: White or warm off-white, tan, or beige. 
  • Accent Colors: Aqua, blue, seagrass green, coral, grey. 
  • Shapes: Clean lines and layers. 
  • Fixture Finishes: Bronze, copper, chrome, brushed nickel, brass. 
  • Aesthetic: Relaxing environment on natural tones featuring splashes of color and decor. 
  • Decor/Art Style: Textured rugs, ropes, glass, shells, and breezy fabrics. 

Modern Coastal Design 

Many coastal interior designs have migrated more and more toward modern elements the design. Modern clean lines paired with coastal warm tones and comfort create a relaxing atmosphere. Where modern can often seem sterile and cold, modern coastal shows more flexibility in accessorizing. 

How to Create the Coastal Look in Your Home 

Embracing open spaces by keeping rooms uncluttered brings about a sense of calm. Bringing in as much natural light as possible can make the area feel far more open than it may be, a tricky way to deceive the eye. Aim for a mixture of clean lines and colors with seaside accents throughout the space. Moderation in everything is key. 

The main colors should be reminiscent of sand, so think whites, or off-whites. Add touches of warm khaki colors, such as beige and warm grey. For accent colors, you can feel free to throw in more fun touches of color resembling the hues of the ocean. Seafoam, aqua, royal blues, or any coral color will pair wonderfully with this aesthetic. 

For decor, glass has been found to elevate the coastal look with options such as lamps, jars, tables, or mirrors. Driftwood or any type of wood that is more distressed, rope, or seashells are perfect accents to place around larger pieces of furniture or lighting. Textures like jute or seagrass are great for rugs. A variety of soft touches such as pillows or throws can aid in visual styling. Billowy, breezy, fabrics can add layers of dimension. 

For more looks throughout your home, think: 

  • Cobbleridge Cabinets 
  • Antique White Cabinets 
  • Seaport Surf Vinyl Flooring 

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