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Nov. 27, 2023

Advantages of Buying vs Renting a Beachfront House

Owning your very own beach house on the Florida coast is the dream of many homeowners, and for good reason. Because owning a beachfront house offers exotic, stunning views, it would make sense you'd want to live in such luxury. Are you thinking about a Forgotten Coast of Florida? If so, the Forgotten Coast of Florida is the best living place for you. The waters are peaceful, enchanting, and not too crowded. Owning a beachfront property is rewarding for many homeowners, however, you always have to consider the several pros and cons when buying or renting.

Continue reading to find the pros and cons of renting versus buying a beachfront house.

The Advantages of Buying vs. Renting a Beachfront HouseAdvantages of Buying vs Renting a Beachfront House

How owning a beachfront house is better than renting:

Build Equity 

It is essential to buy a beachfront Florida property rather than renting if you want to build equity. As a homeowner, you can build equity in your new home each time you make a mortgage payment. Because waterfront property is highly prized, there are fewer risks involved with owning a Forgotten Floridan Coast property.

There is Anytime Retreat 

After owning your new beachfront property for some time, you can use it at any time. No one will tell you to only use it in the warmer months, because once you have a place to enjoy the weekend or gather for holiday celebrations with the family. You can rent out a beachfront property for the summer season. When you own your beach home, you will know exactly where and when you will enjoy the next season.

Pass it Down 

When you buy a beach house, it can become part of your real estate, you can enjoy the children and grandchildren spending summers. home long after you are gone. This way, you can ensure many more fond family memories will be made.

You are Unsure About Owning Beach Property 

The best reason to choose to rent versus owning a beach house for a few years is to see if owning and maintaining a beachfront house is for you. You can always change your mind easily if you rent a home.

Your Family Size May Change 

The second best reason to consider renting instead of owning a beachfront house is if you think your family size might change in the future. If, for example, your home is full of teenagers, in a decade, they might be off at college or already married, or having families of their own. The five-bedroom home is perfect for your family today, but will it be the same down the road?

Save the Cost of Furnishings 

Many seasonal rental homes such as those in the Forgotten Coast of Florida offer furnished properties, saving you money on furnishings for a house you may only use for part of the year.

Spending the summer days in a beachfront property home creates many memories you can save for a lifetime. Buying this kind of property is undoubtedly intriguing, and it is wise to weigh the pros and cons of owning versus renting.

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Nov. 20, 2023

Top Sites & Parks on the Forgotten Coast of Florida

Top Sites & Parks on the Forgotten Coast of Florida

From ancient oak trees to authentic working waterfronts, Florida's Forgotten Coast is dotted with historic oddities making it the perfect backdrop for exploring the "other" forgotten parts of Florida.

Continue to read to find top sites and parks to relax and explore on the Forgotten Coast of Florida.


Many parks feature butterfly gardens, botanical features, walkways, and open spaces in Apalachicola. 

Riverfront Park 

Set on the Apalachicola River, Riverfront Park is where fishing boats dock, providing the setting for tons of community events. From the annual arrival of Santa Claus on a shrimp boat to summer concerts and benefits.

Scipio Creek Boat Basin 

Locally known as the Mill Pond, Scipio Creek Boat Basin is the site of a former sawmill where lumber floated from upriver and was milled. Today, it is a commercial fishing marina and park that houses the monthly farmers' markets.

Seafood Landing Park 

The Franklin County Seafood Landing Park is located near the westerly entrance into Apalachicola on US Hwy 98. This park features a concrete boat launch ramp, restrooms, covered picnic tables, grills, and a nature observation dock.


Carabelle Riverwalk & Wharf 

The Carabelle Riverwalk & Wharf features informational kiosks outlining Carrabelle's waterfront history, a cement boat launch ramp, handicap-accessible fishing piers, and fish cleaning stations.

Sands Memorial Park

Located on the east side of Carrabelle on Hwy 98, Sands Memorial Park has amenities including a children's play area, pavilion, and restrooms.

Tillie Miller Park 

The amenities at Tillie Miller Park include a children's play area, tennis courts, basketball courts, a picnic pavilion, and restrooms.


Fort Gardens

Located on the east bank of the Apalachicola River, north of Eastpoint is the Fort Gardens, a site that played an important role in early US history. Today, you can find earthen embankments and detailed interpretive kiosks. The site interprets the role of Native and African Americans during the early 1800s.

The Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve

The ANERR Visitor Center is located off Island Drive in Eastpoint, encompassing over 246,000 acres in Apalachicola Bay, making this reserve the second largest estuarine research reserve system in the nation. Here, you can find educational center features exhibits on flora and fauna in the area, giant live fish tanks, videos, and a 1/2 scale model oyster boat.

Indian Creek Park 

The Indian Creek Park is located on five acres on Indian Creek that leads to Apalachicola Bay East. It features a boat launch ramp, a children's playground, and covered picnic tables.

St. George Island 

Dr. Julian Bruce St. George Island State Park

9 miles of underdeveloped beaches on St. George Island is where you will find the Dr. Julian Bruce St. George Island State ParkThis park is the perfect setting for the nature lover, offering ample recreation opportunities, including birding, fishing, and swimming. The park has several large picnic shelters equipped with grills, tables, and nearby restrooms.

For more local park information in the Forgotten Coast of Florida, check out our website!

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Nov. 13, 2023

Nail Your Curb Appeal: Beachfront Living Style 101

Beachfront homes come in different styles, though they all share an easygoing, sand-and-sea-washed attitude. Whether your Forgotten Coast home may be more nautical or tropical, we hope these tips will help you find the best look, from color palette to porch furniture and landscaping. Continue to read to find the top curb appeal of beachfront living.

Nautical Details Nail Your Curb Appeal: Beachfront Living Style 101

Coastal homes have a long-time tradition of pulling elements from the seafaring history of the area. Homes along the Forgotten Coast are no different. You can never go wrong with weathered shingles, creamy white shutters, and a sea-inspired weather vane.

Sea and Sand Inspired Palette

Pulling your color palette from the landscape is a fantastic idea when it comes to styling your beachfront home. On Florida homes, a sandy hue on the siding is stunningly paired with a tropical blue on the door and/or shutters, and the porch ceiling. The tropical blues pulled from the palette of the ocean picked up in the tiled stair risers, while palms and tropical plants complete the picture.

Lighter Water Equals Lighter Blues 

If you live on the southern coast such as the Forgotten Coast of Florida, pick a lighter, tropical shade of blue—from turquoise to opal—for your accent color. Echoing the shades of the water will help give your beach house a strong sense of place against the natural elements.

Boardwalk Style Pathways 

If your home is close to the beach, it makes sense to borrow a page from the nearby boardwalks and use decking that floats above the sand leading to your stunning beachfront home. Even if your property is not oceanfront, you can still steal this look to bring more of the beach to your home for the perfect aesthetic look.

Summery Home Accents 

Living on the Forgotten Coast of Florida means you have tons of sun year-round, so we advise you to keep landscaping and details outside a beach house simple, with low-maintenance plantings. A screen door, a pair of white rockers on the porch, and a boardwalk path with lush greenery and flora sing summertime.

Easy Living Porch 

If your beach home has a deep porch, play it up with chunky outdoor furniture plush cushions, and a table to set your iced tea on. Keep the view from the street appealing by making a place to store wet bathing suits and beach towels around the side or back, out of the main view of the home. Provide an attractive storage container for quickly cleaning up beach toys.

Join the Neighborhood Lawn Club 

If your beachfront home is blessed with a large front or back lawn, make the most of it by lining up a row of Adirondack chairs where you can take in and appreciate the view or relax with a cold drink and watch the sunset. Remember the grass will die beneath the chairs, so if you don't want any brown patches or spots, shift the chairs regularly and continue to water your lawn.

Let Your Location Inspire the Landscape 

If you are not sure what grows well in your area, take a neighborhood walk and view what front yards stand out the best to you. Once you have a few possibilities, bring your photos to a local nursery and ask a staff member about which plants would do best in your coastal yard. Be honest about how much maintenance you are going to be willing to do, as with the right plant choices, you should be able to have a hands-off yard so you can have a more fun time at the beach!

Add a Personal Touch 

White outdoor curtains surrounding a porch, a custom-designed carved rock at the entrance of your home, or the name of your beach house or a mosaic house number are all good starters to the perfect personal touch to your home. Bringing a personal finishing touch to your beach-style home is the perfect means to decking out your dream beachfront home.

For more information on nailing your beachfront home curb appeal for the hottest house on the block, we recommend you start with this list and go from there.

Contact Your Forgotten Coast Realtor. for more information on selling or staging your beach home.


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Nov. 7, 2023

November 2023 Coastal Realty Newsletter


Windmark Beach produced some lovely shelling opportunity this month.

Photo Credit: Gina Bramble

As expected, the real estate traffic slowed waaaay down in October, as you can see in the report at the bottom of the page. People are busy going to festivals and attending sports events and waiting for the interest rates to come down. Most of our sales are from cash buyers at the moment. The market will typically liven up after Thanksgiving as people plan Christmas trips to the Coast and then fall in love and want to buy one for themselves!


If you would like us to give you a free, no obligation home or land valuation, we are happy to do so. Just contact one of our 35 agents in Gulf or Franklin County to set something up. Then you can be a part of the reawakening of the real estate market with your listing!


Scroll down to discover the upcoming events around The Forgotten Coast and to see how the market is working in your favorite area. We hope you can visit us soon!


Sunniest Regards!

Brian Burkett and Preston Russ, Brokers

Coastal Realty Group

Cape San Blas has been BEAUTIFUL this month, the colors are sooooo pretty!

Cape San Blas has been BEAUTIFUL this month, the colors are sooooo pretty!


Upcoming Area Events

Featured New Listings


MLS 315448



3 bedroom

3 bath

1635 sf


Landscaped w/Irrigation




Short Stroll to the Beach


Click photo for 3D Tour!






Vacant Land

MLS 315444




2.70 acre


100 feet of Gulf Front


Building Lot


wooded & level




Close to the State Park


Perfect place for your beach house in paradise!






MLS 315717



Cute Chapel with Pine walls and flooring.


Has a fellowship hall with restrooms, kitchen and all that you need for a wedding venue site.


Close to Downtown PSJ






Search ALL Listings




Saint George Island Aerial


Information about SOLD properties helps the investor stay informed of

current price points in various areas. If you would like an agent to

contact you about Listing your property, please give us a call 850-227-7770.

Cape San Blas - 3


Port St. Joe - 7


Mexico / St. Joe Beach - 22

North Gulf County - 7


Apalachicola - 3


Eastpoint - 3

Carrabelle - 9


St. George Island - 3


Other Counties - 0

Find Out What Your Home is Worth

Gulf County

Closed Properties

June: 92

July: 64

August: 93

September: 83

October: 39


Current Active Properties

June: 590

July 558

August: 593

September: 609

October: 591

Franklin County

Closed Properties

June: 77

July: 67

August: 54

September: 40

October: 18


Current Active Properties

June: 445

July: 507

August: 495

September: 499

October: 522

Real Estate Agent Rod Cabezas is challenging the Tricksters on Halloween night's Ghosts on the Coast event on Reid Avenue.


Preston Russ loves kids and loves making them smile!


Sherrill Russ and Ford were equally enjoying the love and attention by the passersby.

4 Offices and 35 Agents to Serve You!

Cape San Blas Office

1252 Cape San Blas Rd


St George Isle & Apalach

51 Market St


Port St Joe Office

202 Reid Ave


Carrabelle Office

101 Marine St



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Nov. 6, 2023

Tips for Buying an Affordable Florida Vacation Home on the Forgotten Coast

Tips for Buying an Affordable Florida Vacation Home on the Forgotten Coast

Florida is a beautiful sought-after location for a second home, and with good reason too. The Sunshine State has been a magnet for people looking for warm weather and beautiful beaches. Florida is a popular destination for tourists and retirees, as it welcomes thousands every year. Both the sunny disposition and year-round attractions offer excitement and adventure for those looking for a place to live. Finding the best location and making the moving process as stress-free as possible requires understanding a few things. 

Check out these tips for buying an affordable vacation home on the Forgotten Coast of Florida. 

How Will You Use The House? 

One of the first things you should consider is to determine how you plan to use your new Florida home. You can make your property a primary residence, a vacation home, or an investment. All three options can offer you fantastic benefits in the long run, however, your decision will affect how much you will pay for the property. For example, if you purchase a vacation home on the Forgotten Coast of Florida, you can ensure you always have an exciting and comfortable escape whenever you want to spend your days in the sun.

If you choose to make this home an investment property, you can choose to rent out the space when you aren’t occupying it. The mortgage rate will be a bit higher for an investment property versus a secondary home, and you should count on having to put more of your money toward a down payment, something you wouldn’t have to do for a primary residence. The plus side to this in the long run? A new income stream has been created to fill your pockets! 

Coordinate Your House With Your Lifestyle

When you choose to buy a vacation home in Florida, make sure that it matches your personal needs! You may want to live in a more densely populous area on the Forgotten Coast (think Apalachicola), but this might clash with your desire to live in a less touristy destination. Finding an accommodating space in your budget can be more of a challenge the closer you get to the water as well, as waterfront living is both very popular and very expensive for its high demand. A home a short distance from the water and a popular town on the Forgotten Coast may be a better option for you, sparing you from too many tourists. 

Understand Your Budget 

Before fully investing in vacation property in Florida, create a realistic budget to ensure you will be making a worthwhile investment that can benefit you in the long run. We recommend you consider finding a lender who will analyze closing costs, reserves, and down payment available.

When you are getting your finances all in a row, calculate the ongoing costs of renting or owning your existing home and factor in the monthly vacation home cost. You might have to account for your items from furniture to internet to electricity to landscaping fees. You will also have to evaluate the travel fee to get to your vacation home on the Forgotten Coast to determine what will best fit your budget. 

Understand The Legal Process 

Learning how to buy a vacation home on the Forgotten Coast involves understanding the legal process. Moving to the Sunshine State should be a fun time, but you should adhere to the state's regulations and take time to familiarize yourself with the options to simplify your relocation process. Here are a handful of variables to consider.

  • Property Taxes. The property tax amounts and due dates will vary between counties, so it is important to make sure the areas you are considering for your property determine which location will offer the most convenience for your lifestyle.
  • Financing Options. Each county offers different financing options, when looking to purchase your first home, you may seek resources to assist with your down payment and other more favorable mortgage rates. Check to see which options you will qualify for to find the best opportunities for yourself.
  • Insurance Policies. You will have to consider weather conditions such as hurricanes when evaluating your insurance policies. Standard insurance plans don't cover flooding, so you might have to consider buying separate flood insurance to minimize your losses if natural disasters occur.
  • Deed Restrictions. Florida has deed restrictions on certain communities which have a homeowners association to enforce and create rules, working toward keeping your neighborhood in excellent shape, though you will have to understand requirements or restrictions before buying.
  • Oceanfront Property Laws. It is essential to understand the laws regarding your property, including whether you can remove particular vegetation or use light during turtle nesting seasons. You might be able to restrict access to beach properties under some conditions, though we advise you to inquire about property laws before buying.

Interested in purchasing a Florida home on the Forgotten Coast? From determining how you will use your new property purchase to the legal process you will undergo in purchasing your waterfront property and everything in between. Explore what buying an affordable Florida vacation home on the Forgotten Coast can offer you today.

Contact Your Forgotten Coast Realtor. 


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Oct. 30, 2023

How to Find the Perfect Beach House Rental in the Forgotten Coast

Find the perfect rental house on the forgotten coast

Are you looking to plan a getaway to the beach to make for a great, timeless vacation? If the idea of squeezing you and your family into a 300-square-foot room at a traditional beach resort and competing with other seasonal vacationers to snag a spot on the beach sounds far from the relaxing vacation you seek. We all love a good resort vacation, but nothing can compare to the perfect beach house getaway with a group to have the best time of your life that will last well beyond the hours you are on the shore of the Forgotten Coast.

Continue to read to find all you need to know when searching for the perfect beach house rental in the Forgotten Coast of Florida.

The Difference Between Beachfront and Beach View

Location truly is everything. If you want to rent a beach house, location can strongly influence the experience and price. Beachfront houses are convenient, though they will cost far more than rentals a few streets or a short drive away. Decide how close you wish you and your group to be to the waves to have the best time. For those with mobility issues, babies, or toddlers, being right on the sand might be more important. If you are traveling with older kids or teens who can easily walk farther while helping haul beach gear, you might prefer to save the cash by staying at a beach-view house instead. If your beach location on the Forgotten Coast permits golf carts or similar on or near the beach, it leaves an easier way to stay a bit farther away while not trading too much of the convenience factor. Budgeting for a golf cart rental is likely much cheaper than paying to stay at a true beachfront home. If you dream of sipping your morning mimosa when watching the waves from your deck, then prioritize that.

Check the Cancellation Policy

Make sure that you read through carefully the rental's cancellation policy before clicking on the "book now" button. The perfect beach rental isn't as perfect if a hurricane hits and you have to cancel your entire trip. For this reason, you will need travel insurance, therefore making it important to read the fine print twice before charging a trip to your credit card.

Ask for the Exact Address

You may see beach house rentals described by how far they are from the water. Being 900 feet from the beach can mean you will see the water and access an easy path to get there. On the other hand, it can mean you can't see the beach at all and there is no easily accessible path to reach it. If that is the case, the beach may as well be miles away from your rental. Make sure you get the exact rental access from the owner of the property management company. You can use tools such as Google Maps Street View, or a similar program to get a feel for what it truly means in terms of beach views and access.

Recall Sand Management

The perfect beach house rental will come with thoughtful touches that make the overall experience pleasant. If you are planning on spending the majority of your time at the beach, you will find that means dealing with sand and water. If you are traveling with the whole family, you will deal with a lot of sand and water. The best beach houses come with outdoor showers where you can rinse off before stepping foot inside. There will also be plenty of places to hang wet swimsuits and towels so you don't get the inside of your rental dirty.

Consider Looking for a Pool

This will come down to your personal preference, budget, and priorities. Waves and sand make for great fun, but sometimes it can be amazing to enjoy the warm air and cool water without hauling your beach equipment with you and back. Having a private pool is a great alternative activity during the day, but it can also open up new ways to enjoy the after-dark hours safely, too. A nighttime swim or evening hot tub dip is always a five-star addition to your beach house rental. Make sure to keep in mind that on a blue-sky day, the ocean may have a red flag or even a double red flag warning, meaning you can't swim at the beach that day. This can be a huge bummer on a beach trip if you don't have a backup plan.

Consider Where Everyone Will Sleep

This is true for all home rentals, not just beach houses. However, many beach rentals may say they sleep 25+ though in reality, that number is only accurate if people are content sleeping in bunk beds or doubling up in full-or-queen-sized beds. It is important to take into consideration how many people are coming on the trip, and where they'll be comfortable sleeping and relaxing. If you have a crew of children, prioritize a property with fun bunk rooms. If you have multiple couples coming along, be wary of how many the house can comfortably sleep.

Bring Your Towels and Toys

At the beach, you will need towels, but you might want beach blankets, chairs, toys, umbrellas, or even a tent. If you don't want to be responsible for bringing all those amenities, look for listings that come with the beach towels and accessories you are after. This can be especially important if you are flying in or traveling with an already packed vehicle. It never hurts to double-check with the owner of the property you are renting from that the house comes with the beach accessories you need. You might be able to rent these items on the beach, so it always pays to talk to the local management company or owner to learn about the fine details.

Bottom Line

While there is never a guarantee, following all of these steps might ensure you the perfect beach house rental experience. If you are traveling around the Forgotten Coast, we recommend a cozy rental with a pool right on the water. Use these tips to find your amazing rental property.

Contact Your Forgotten Coast Realtor. 


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Oct. 24, 2023

5 Amazing Spots to Picnic with the Family on the Forgotten Coast, FL

There are hundreds of scenic spots on the Forgotten Coast in Florida that are Instagram-worthy. Taking your family out for an afternoon lunch outdoors is a wonderful bonding experience, offering scenic picnic spots with water views and sandy beaches on the Forgotten Coast. We have picked out a handful of our favorite picnic spots that are not only convenient but also beautiful.5 Amazing Spots to Picnic with the Family on the Forgotten Coast, FL

Continue to read to find the 5 best spots to picnic with your family on the Forgotten Coast of Florida.


The picnic spot at Carrabelle Beach is an iconic one, as it is a quintessential old Florida picnic area. There is not only an absolutely beautiful view of Carabelle Beach's rolling waves and white sandy beaches, but pink and blue colored picnic tables equipped with modern grills, and clean restrooms. Pack your lunch or pick up something from Carrabelle's local restaurants or food trucks and head to the beach for a retro lunch experience.


At Eastpoint's Indian Creek Parkwatch as the breeze rustles through the Spanish moss hanging on century oaks. While you dine on your home-packed lunch or the lunch picked up from a local food truck nearby, listen to the sounds of the Apalachicola Bay lapping on the shoreline with birds in the sky. There is a small playground nearby for small children to keep occupied during your picnic, a canoe dock, boat ramp, picnic pavilion, and horseshoe pit for a game after you get done eating.

St. George's Island

There is public beach access at the Lighthouse Park on St. George's Island that has it all: ocean breezes, a grassy area to run and play frisbee, pavilions, picnic tables, bathrooms, and access to the St. George Island LighthouseYou can't go wrong here with a good picnic and a walk on the beach after your meal to play in the warm ocean water and make sandcastles.


Take a lofty walk with your family through the historic downtown Apalachicola to Lafayette Parkonly about a 1/2 mile. Brick sidewalks outline the manicured grassy area, with a large playground for your children to keep occupied when eating, and picnic tables to sit around as a family with a delicious lunch. There is a boardwalk that extends into the Apalachicola Bay. We urge you to bring a fishing pole along with your picnic basket, as you might even be able to catch your next lunch or dinner.

Alligator Point

A side of Bald Point State Park reveals a beautiful view of marsh grasses and wild lands, and on the other side pristine beaches. View the beautiful wildlife of Florida on the beach and in the water, from turtles and birds to dolphins and fish. There are three beach access points at Bald Point State Park that have accessible picnic pavilions with picnic tables and standing grills. There are clean restrooms nearby for public use.

There is nothing that compares to the beauty and scenery when picnicking with your family on the Forgotten Coast of Florida. From water access points to lighthouses, there is nothing more fun than having your lunch on the beach in the warm sun with the sand and ocean nearby. Explore the Forgotten Coast today to find your next picnic hot spot for lunch.

Contact Your Forgotten Coast Realtor. 


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Oct. 16, 2023

Who Pays for the Home Appraisal?

Who pays for the home appraisal

When purchasing a home or condominium throughout Florida's Forgotten Coast area, many buyers wonder who actually pays for the home appraisal. There are a lot of closing costs and different fees built-in for buyers and sellers in a purchase and sale agreement. Sellers pay for excise tax when selling the property and several courier fees all culminating into their own closing costs. Buyers also have several closing costs, and one of those includes the appraisal.

In order for a lender to properly evaluate a property, they must discover fair market value on a home. Lenders will order a home appraisal for all borrowers to make sure that they're not overpaying for a home and that the property is the proper value for what the borrower is requesting.

Federal banking regulations require that the lender order the appraisal. This is not something the buyers can do on their own. If the buyer was planning on purchasing a home with cash and they wish to have an appraisal conducted, they would need to pay for it out of their own pocket. But, because it is the lender that is requesting the value, they will order the appraisal but still make the buyer pay for it. However, federal law also entitles all buyers to receive a copy of the completed appraisal.

Lenders will usually collect the cost of the appraisal upfront. If it is not collected upfront, it will be added to the closing costs. Appraisals typically cost between $400 and $500, but appraisers can charge additional fees, especially if they need to make multiple trips for different reasons. Most of the time, an appraiser will be able to conduct the appraisal in one trip. Extenuating circumstances may prevent the appraiser from conducting the entire appraisal at the scheduled time. This could be due to a tenant or a seller that's being unreasonable and not allowing the appraiser to tour the property or the home, or for some reason, there was a major part of the property that was accessible at the time.

An appraisal is not a home inspection.

Home inspections are simply a report on the structure and integrity of the property and the construction itself. An inspector will not base documented value on the home but may be able to tell the buyer what the costs of replacing certain items could be. However, buyers should not take this into account when viewing the appraisal. Often times, buyers will say, "the appraiser only said that this was worth $300 but my inspector said it was worth $500!" The appraiser is really the one that will determine the value of the home. Now, if there's something that the appraiser has missed or has grossly undervalued in the home, the seller can certainly contest this. For instance, if the seller had upgraded a particular feature in the house that may not be visible to the outside with some high-quality materials that could add a lot of value to the property, the seller can make note of this and ask that the appraisal be changed. However, it is up to the appraiser to determine the value in the end.

If the property does not appraise for the borrowed amount, the buyer will either need to come up with the difference on their own, or the seller will need to lower the price. If neither is willing to budge, the transaction will usually be terminated because financing will not be completed.

For more information on appraisals, Forgotten Coast real estate, or if you have questions on a particular property or transaction, feel free to contact me today.

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Oct. 13, 2023

October 2023 Coastal Realty Newsletter

October 2023 Coastal Realty Newsletter

October at the Gulf Coast has made a beautiful start! We are enjoying cooler temps and getting outside again to participate in music festivals, sports events and patio service at restaurants!

Real Estate Action has slowed down, as is normal this time of year, while people focus on back-to-school activities and preparing for holiday things. In September, 128 properties sold compared to 156 in August. We have 1148 active properties for sale in Mexico Beach, Gulf County and Franklin County. If you'd like to take a look at them, take a look at our luxurious website and see all the available properties in this area!

We anticipate that the market will begin to re-activate after Thanksgiving and the Holidays as the coastal zealots return to the area and decide to stay. We love our Snow Birds and think it's the greatest compliment when they choose to remain in this area! If you decide you would like to Buy or Sell property, we have 4 offices and 35 agents to serve you. Our agents know this area well and can offer professional, no-pressure assistance to make the whole process less formidable!

Our St George Island/Apalachicola office has moved! Please come by 51 Market Street to visit us in the future! We are right across from the Gibson Inn now. We are going to house a small art gallery in our space, so you should drop by soon to see what we've done!

Scroll down to discover the upcoming events around The Forgotten Coast and to see how the market is working in your favorite area. We hope you can visit us soon!

Sunniest Regards!

Brian Burkett and Preston Russ, Brokers

Coastal Realty Group

We had a large guest at our refurbished Marina this month! Photo Credit Randall Meeks

Upcoming Area Events

Featured New Listings


MLS 315346



4 bedroom

3 bath

2256 sf


Landscaped w/Irrigation

Salt Water Pool


Short Stroll to the Beach


Click photo for 3D Tour!






Vacant Land

MLS 315404


1 acre Bay View

Building Lot


wooded & level


Wide Waterview Frontage


Conveniently located between the Country Club and Salinas Park for easy access to fun summer activities






MLS 315076






5 bedrooms

5 baths


wrap around porch

Living/Dining Combo

Bar Area






Search ALL Listings



Information about SOLD properties helps the investor stay informed of

current price points in various areas. If you would like an agent to

contact you about Listing your property, please give us a call 850-227-7770.

Cape San Blas - 17


Port St. Joe - 13


Mexico / St. Joe Beach - 29

North Gulf County - 24


Apalachicola - 5


Eastpoint - 4

Carrabelle - 14


St. George Island - 16


Other Counties - 5

Find Out What Your Home is Worth


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Oct. 2, 2023

5 Best Ways to Meet Your Neighbors After Moving Into Your New Home

After you have completed the daunting task of moving yourself and your family into your brand-new house, getting to know the neighbors around you can be one of the best ways to help make it feel more like home. Knowing your neighbors and who lives next door can help make your environment feel safer, improving your quality of life and making your community all the more enjoyable. The question that remains is, how can you meet your neighbors after moving to a new home?

Continue to read to find the best ways to meet your new neighbors.5 Best Ways to Meet Your Neighbors After Moving Into Your New Home


Get Involved

Many communities have an array of classes, clubs, activities, and places of worship. Signing up for any number of these at your local recreational center, volunteering for charity, or simply keeping up with your community news and events are fantastic ways to meet people who live nearby. If you are a homebody but still in search of neighborly friends, sign up for a Facebook page in your community, or download the NextDoor app on your mobile phone to stay up-to-date on local activities. Find exciting events to meet new people in your area.


Go Outside

As the settling of your household becomes routine and you make it your own, you may find yourself turning to spend time outside. Whether it is gardening, doing yard work, or reading on your new porch, take any given opportunity to greet passersby and introduce yourself as the new addition to the neighborhood. Go for walks or jogs around your community and meet others outside when getting to know the lay of the neighborhood. Bringing your dog along to introduce can make this all feel less intimidating.


Make a Nice Gesture

Break out your dusty baking skills and bring your neighbor's sweet treats! If you are concerned about food sensitivities, consider gifting a succulent or fresh-cut flowers as a means of getting to know them better. During the colder months, consider offering to shovel a neighbor's walkway or water plants when they are away as a kind gesture to convey you want to positively contribute to the neighborhood.


Ask a Favor

If you are in need of something small after relocating to your new house, such as flour, or a bit of neighborly advice, ask a neighbor for some assistance. This can be a great way to bond and strike up conversations. Be sure to show your appreciation for their help and remember to return the favor should it be needed. If this move feels a bit too bold, you can resort to asking for recommendations for restaurants, outdoor recreational activities, or other local fun hot spots. You will more than likely make a new friend, but you will also get good insight on places to check out nearby.


Host a Neighborhood Gathering 

When it comes to gathering under the pretense of get-to-know-you, there are many options to choose from. Invite a few neighbors for an intimate dinner party or a casual movie night. Consider hosting a friendly potluck, or a relaxing BBQ. Or, go all out with a decadent housewarming soiree and block party for the whole neighborhood. Hosting will make it easier to approach you and welcome you to the community, and a pleasant gathering is always one for the books when making memories and forming lasting friendships with neighbors.


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