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Sept. 26, 2022

Why Do They Call it the Forgotten Coast?

The Forgotten Coast is a name for this section along US-98 in the Panhandle in Florida. The local chambers of commerce got together in the early 1990s and came up with a name for their lonely stretch of north Florida gulf front towns and beaches. The coast extends from Mexico Beach on the west to Shell Point Beach and St. Marks on the east.

Why Do They Call it the Forgotten Coast?Located in Franklin County and Northern Florida’s Big Bend region, the Forgotten Coast is appropriately named as it’s one of the last of preserved Gulf Coast beaches that haven’t been overdeveloped. What makes this area of The Panhandle so significant is that all of the communities, share 322 km (200 mi) of uncrowded, white sand beaches, welcoming RV parks, and little traffic and congestion, which combine to provide a relaxing and undisturbed destination vacation. 

While cooler than other regions in Florida, snow or frigid temps are rarely experienced as are touristy theme parks, grandiose wildlife attractions, and beaches lined with high-rise condos. A drive along U.S. Route 98, which is known as the Big Bend Scenic Byway, will reveal ‘an entirely different Florida’ compared to the more commercial hot spots to the south.

What’s more, historical and natural attractions abound throughout The Forgotten Coast and regardless of which community you visit, chances are likely you’ll return to at least a few of them as each caters to a variety of activities and interests throughout the year. It is not nearly as crowded and busy as the beaches to the west toward Panama City and the rest of the Redneck Riviera. One of the reasons is that's is a long way south of Interstate 10 and miles west of Interstate 75.

Why Do They Call it the Forgotten Coast?There are some small towns along the Forgotten Coast that should be remembered as neat places to chill out and enjoy some remaining Old Florida. The places have great beaches and seafood and a lot of history. Two of the more notable are:

Mexico Beach

Mexico Beach is a community directly on the Gulf of Mexico on US-98.  Its nearest neighbors are Panama City to the west and Port St. Joe to the east.  It's called ‘The Forgotten Coast’ but once you visit, chances are likely you won’t forget it, and it just may become part of your scheduled snowbird adventures throughout the winter. 


A large part of downtown Apalachicola is a historic district and among the stately Victorian and Antebellum homes are museums that depict the area’s history. An insightful attraction is the Raney House Museum, which was built in 1838 by David G. 

If you haven’t yet been to the Forgotten Coast in Florida, you are missing out! Don’t miss your chance to see one of the most natural, untouched, and relaxed regions in the Sunshine State!

For more information on the forgotten coast, or real estate information, listings and more contact us!


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Sept. 19, 2022

What You Need To Know Before Relocating

Relocating your residence and finding houses for sale in a new area can be one of the major opportunities one can ever witness. Have you ever thought of moving to another city for any reason? Be it your education needs or a job that pays you larger than life. Relocating can be one of the most challenging decisions of your life but it has to be for some good reason. No matter if you deny it or not, we all know it is a very exciting occasion to move your house and start your life at a new destination. There are a few things you need to consider before actually appointing one place to start your life.What You Need To Know Before Relocating

Think of Possible and visible pros and cons, and do not ignore them!

There can be many pros and cons about an area that you do not know about. You are suggested to do as much research as possible before taking looking for houses for sale in the area you are thinking to move to.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Why are you moving?
  • Are you moving for making more money?
  • Does that area offer a better job?
  • What do you like the most about that area?
  • How much does that area is going to cost you?
  • What are the nearest spots of that place?
  • How far you will be from your friends and family?

Do you know enough about your new hometown?

It is very important to know every inch of detail about your new hometown. Knowing everything can make it easier for you to make a final decision. As the saying goes that you should also look for the neighbors residing in that particular area where you are moving. You should know the best hospitals located the nearest location in your area. You also should have complete knowledge of all the public routes connecting with the area you are looking for a house for rent at. Knowing the basics helps you in taking a long-lasting decision and mentally prepares you to face any problem in the future.

Income VS Expenditure

Knowing you are moving to a new place can be challenging in terms of money as well. Moving is an expensive process and settling down in a new city can be risky at times. You should be prepared to face any unforeseen problem that you think may appear in front of you. No doubt that you will take this moving decision only if you are offered a higher salary. This will affect your expenditure as well. You should always keep a balance between how much you earn and how much you spend. Save a small junk of your income and spend the rest on your basic needs with the best balance. This process would not only help you in saving for the future but also allow you to spend money on what actually matters.

Concluding Factors

One of the worst things that we can do unintentionally is leave our families behind while we are growing our careers. We need to know and understand that our family needs us as much as we need to prosper our careers. Make sure that your new house does not distance you from your family or loved ones. When you have finally made up your mind about finding houses for sale in a new area, make sure it keeps you connected with your family.

For more information on staging your home to sell or information on purchasing a home, contact us! We are your connection to Florida's Forgotten Coast Real Estate.

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Sept. 12, 2022

What is Virtual Staging Software and How Is It Used

The term Virtual Staging basically means adding the furniture and decor digitally to a picture of the property so as to increase the appeal and value of the property.What is Virtual Staging Software and How Is It Used

Top virtual staging companies do use 3-D software and gaming technologies so as to make the furniture indistinguishable from the physical furniture. For instance, potential buyers sometimes are very confused about the actual size and the potential of the property. It is difficult for them to make a decision. Virtually staged pictures make it very easy for homebuyers to easily realize the full potential of the space or the home. Virtual staging makes the buyers excited about the size of the space, its intended use of it, and its true potential of the space.

The main reason behind it is that it looks the same as regular staging. Likewise, there can be chances when you have seen only the actually virally staged rooms online, and that too without realizing it. Moreover, if we talk about the concept of home staging, it is an umbrella term that includes both physical and traditional home staging as well as virtual staging. Both types of staging make it easy to market a real estate listing, can attract more and more interested buyers, and can also increase the perceived value of a home.

A Virtual staging service can also mean staging an empty room or vacant house, but it can also provide the following:

  • Removal of the existing items and adding up the new furniture and decor.
  • Changing the interior of the walls, and trimming the cabinet floors.
  • Changing flooring.
  • Changing ceilings.
  • Changing the exterior walls, trimming, or door colors.
  • Changing the landscaping.
  • Applying a day-to-dusk effect on the photo of a property‘s exterior.

Since virtual staging is considered to be an unfamiliar concept to many people, there are some common questions and concerns that you can have such as doe’s virtual staging look fake? What do the potential buyers actually think of the virtually staged properties? Do you need to take the perfect pictures?  How does the virtual staging actually work?

The cost of virtual staging is quite literally a small fraction of the cost of traditionally staging a home. You do not need to move one item in the entire property so as to compete with the virtual staging. With the concept of virtual staging, the process of making furniture out and bringing the new furniture can become a massive undertaking that drives the cost up. Virtual staging can be done in 12-24 hours with our website and the listing thereby becomes ready to be published on the real estate market. However, with the physical staging, you need to wait 24 hours just for the initial consultation.

The quality of the design will help you truly show the best pieces for the space and also you do not have to worry about the logistics.

For more information on staging your home to sell or information on purchasing a home, contact us! We are your connection to Florida's Forgotten Coast Real Estate.

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Sept. 5, 2022

Understanding Coastal Design and Implying it to Your House

The coastal cottage style is often defined by its seaside elements and colors. Imagine a soothing ambiance, and pictures of sand, driftwood, rope, shells, and the light reflecting off of the water all come to mind. The goal is to incorporate traits in a way that is clean and simple, incorporating sun-kissed breezes, and an overall sense of relaxation indoors without the mess of the sand. 

Characteristics of Coastal Interior DesignUnderstanding Coastal Design and Implying it to Your House

Just like the beach, it is important to understand that when designing, nothing about your space should be overwhelming. Colors in your area should be a mix of neutral, with pops of color, similar to pairing sand with sea foam. Layering similar shades of color adds dimension to your space, and adding touches of rope, driftwood, or shells can perfect the look with texture. 


  • Main Colors: White or warm off-white, tan, or beige. 
  • Accent Colors: Aqua, blue, seagrass green, coral, grey. 
  • Shapes: Clean lines and layers. 
  • Fixture Finishes: Bronze, copper, chrome, brushed nickel, brass. 
  • Aesthetic: Relaxing environment on natural tones featuring splashes of color and decor. 
  • Decor/Art Style: Textured rugs, ropes, glass, shells, and breezy fabrics. 

Modern Coastal Design 

Many coastal interior designs have migrated more and more toward modern elements the design. Modern clean lines paired with coastal warm tones and comfort create a relaxing atmosphere. Where modern can often seem sterile and cold, modern coastal shows more flexibility in accessorizing. 

How to Create the Coastal Look in Your Home 

Embracing open spaces by keeping rooms uncluttered brings about a sense of calm. Bringing in as much natural light as possible can make the area feel far more open than it may be, a tricky way to deceive the eye. Aim for a mixture of clean lines and colors with seaside accents throughout the space. Moderation in everything is key. 

The main colors should be reminiscent of sand, so think whites, or off-whites. Add touches of warm khaki colors, such as beige and warm grey. For accent colors, you can feel free to throw in more fun touches of color resembling the hues of the ocean. Seafoam, aqua, royal blues, or any coral color will pair wonderfully with this aesthetic. 

For decor, glass has been found to elevate the coastal look with options such as lamps, jars, tables, or mirrors. Driftwood or any type of wood that is more distressed, rope, or seashells are perfect accents to place around larger pieces of furniture or lighting. Textures like jute or seagrass are great for rugs. A variety of soft touches such as pillows or throws can aid in visual styling. Billowy, breezy, fabrics can add layers of dimension. 

For more looks throughout your home, think: 

  • Cobbleridge Cabinets 
  • Antique White Cabinets 
  • Seaport Surf Vinyl Flooring 

For more information on the coastal look, or housing browse our website. Start here for all Gulf County real estate.

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Aug. 29, 2022

10 Essential Tips on Slow Living

The irony of our modern lives is that technology is invented on the basis that it saves us time, we accumulate that time to do more and more, filling our lives with hectic, fast-paced. Life seems to always pass us by before we can seemingly enjoy it, and what it brings. Your days that may seem a whirlwind, with never enough hours of daylight don't have to be that way. Rebel against a hectic lifestyle, slow down, and enjoy what life has in store for you.10 Essential Tips on Slow Living

What is Slow Living?

Slow living is an ideology based on a slower approach to all aspects of life, and incorporating this into your way of living. The purpose of this is to be more intentional with your time, to live more mindfully, and balanced. There are numerous benefits to this lifestyle, including:

  1. Less Stress 
  2. Better Physical and Mental Health 
  3. Better Relationships 
  4. Appreciation of Everyday Experience 
  5. Improved Productivity at Work 

Slowing down is a conscious choice, and not always such an easy one. Continue to read to find out how you can incorporate 10 essential tips about slow living into your own life.

1. Disconnect

If you carry around a smartphone, you know what it means to always be connected. Social media, while it is entertaining and can be a platform used to gain information on certain topics, can oftentimes be toxic. Too much time is spent photographing elements of your life to share with everyone else, instead of not only living in the moment but appreciating those moments. Start by shutting it, whether it is an iPhone or Samsung, off. If you spend most of your days on the computer, make time to disconnect so you can focus on other things. Being connected at all times during the day, we are at the mercy of the demands of others, and it is hard to slow down when we are always checking new incoming messages.

2. Declutter Your Life

To embrace a slower lifestyle means understanding when it is time to declutter your life. Clutter always has a way of creeping into our lives, often happening so slowly that by the time we notice the accumulation of things, it gets out of hand and causes feelings of overwhelming stress. Whether it is a pileup of paperwork, clothes, or emails, it is time to declutter. Here are a few tips on how to accomplish this:

  1. Physical Clutter- Go through your personal spaces (bedroom closets, kitchen cabinets, office drawers) and understand that it is a safe rule of thumb to get rid of anything you have not used or have little use of in the past 6 months or year.
  2. Digital Clutter- Start by setting up a digital filing system. Much of what is considered important come through your email. It may be helpful to create categories in your email inbox that corresponds to various aspects of your life, including home, family, and hobbies. Sort your emails into folders to delete and unsubscribe from unneeded emails.

3. Enjoy Breakfast & Eat Slower

It is known that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For those that suffer from various disorders, such as low blood sugar, then you may know just how important starting out this morning routine truly is. We all know and understand that there is very little time in the morning for things, such as eating slowly and enjoying food. Instead of eating quickly, give yourself time to be mindful of each bite. Eating quickly can lead to overeating and an overall lack of enjoyment of our food. Appreciate the flavors and textures of your food. Not only does eating slowly have the double benefit of making you feel fuller on less food, but it can also make the food taste better.

4. Spend Time in Nature

Slow living is a great way of reconnecting with nature by embracing seasonal living and getting outside more regularly. Many of us are disconnected from nature, whether it is because there is such little time in our busy days, or because we are stuck at a strenuous, stressful job. As a result of losing touch, our minds and bodies have become unaccustomed to the natural rhythms of life that stress is now the norm for many people. There is research that proves the benefits of being around plants and trees. Spending time in green spaces can reduce stressors, helping to aid in higher concentration levels. Take a deep breath of fresh air, and enjoy the serenity of water and greenery. Find outdoor activities that make you happy, whether it is going for hikes or swimming.

5. Single-Task

Single-tasking is the opposite of multitasking. Focusing on one thing at a time can prove to be beneficial in that whatever it is you are focusing on has your full attention, and therefore may be completed in a shorter amount of time, and done correctly. When you feel the urge to switch over to other tasks, take a moment to pause what you are doing, breathe, and reel yourself back in.

6. Be a Conscious Consumer

The art of slow living can lead to being more mindful of consumerism, as well as consumption of "stuff." Conscious consumption involves shopping in ways that make a positive impact on social, environmental, or economic impacts. This is a term that is described as "buying things with a clear conscience" or "modernized thrifting." This may involve purchasing products that are environmentally friendly, ethically produced, and/or cruelty-free.

Buying Secondhand

Buying secondhand is a wonderful way of being a conscious consumer. Buying preloved means you are not contributing to the exploitation of garment workers, often forced to work indoors on unfair wages. You are saving money in doing this, and supporting local charities by shopping at a local op shop.

7. Start a Slow Hobby

Fully embrace slow living with a slow hobby. These can be activities that demand your undivided attention, forcing you to be conscious of your mindfulness, fully present, and focus on your task at hand. A few examples of slow hobbies can include:

  1. Knitting
  2. Crocheting 
  3. Cooking at Home
  4. Woodwork
  5. Hiking and/or Walking
  6. Meditation 
  7. Yoga
  8. Reading 
  9. Journaling 
  10. Birdwatching 
  11. Crafting 
  12. Photography 

8. Drive Slowly

Driving at high speeds is synonymous with our fast-paced world, being responsible for traffic accidents, stress, and wasted fuel. Instead, get into the habit of slowing down when you drive. If that means leaving your destination earlier than usual, then consider waking up earlier than normal, and setting a routine. Appreciate your surroundings, and make it a peaceful time and space to contemplate your everyday life, and the sights you are passing. When you do this, driving will be more enjoyable and far safer for not only you but everyone else around you.

9. Grow it Yourself

A garden is a means of slowing down and finding the missing rhythm of nature and is an activity that unites advocates of slow living. As a society, we have lost touch with the natural cycle of life around us. We buy food all around the world, even if that means it is out of season here. As you get to know and grow your garden you may become familiar with seasonal rhythms. As your garden matures, you may feel more in harmony with nature's cycles, and the payoff of your hard work. Tending your plot and harvesting foods that you enjoy without the spray of chemicals can feel like a huge accomplishment.

10. Do Things the "Old Fashioned" Way

Slowing down to do something the "old-fashioned" way is a means of reconnecting with our past, whether it is culturally, or something as simple as a memory from your childhood. To slow down and enjoy a sense of accomplishment in what you are doing, finding gratefulness for the place of activities in your life. Here are some things that you can try to incorporate into your version of slow living:

  1. Learn to bake your bread. 
  2. Wash your dishes by hand. 
  3. Hang clothes to dry on a clothesline. 
  4. Learn to can and preserve your garden harvest. 
  5. Learn to forage your wild, edible food. 
  6. Learn the art of soap making or other traditional skills. 

For more information on slow living and forgotten coast real estate, check out our website.

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Aug. 22, 2022

What Makes a Vacation Rental “Luxury”?

Appearance is the heart of a vacation rental and we are not talking about those rip-off furnishings or fake arts that can be seen through by modern high-end travelers. What actually differentiates and makes a vacation rental "luxury"? Appearance is not everything in a vacation rental. While it does help attract high-value bookings, what sets it apart from other vacation rentals are three basic elements.What Makes a Vacation Rental “Luxury”?


To attract high-end travelers or high-value bookings, your vacation rental ought to strongly display exclusivity. What this means is that your exclusive property or vacation rental should not market and distribute to every site but instead think about the top 1%. Take the example of branded fashion industries like Loui Vuitton or Gucci. They hand-picked selected collections rather than mass-produced products that are generic.

That being said, vacation rentals are no different. High-end travelers opt for a luxury vacation rental instead of generic hotels to feel a sense of a one-of-a-kind vacation rental experience.


Think about your niche market? Once you’ve thought about and selected your niche for your vacation rental, the very next step is to customize and personalize their stay by understanding the needs of the guests. 

  1. Will the guest be traveling alone or accompanied? Will there be any expected guests or visitors?
  2. Does the guest have any food preferences or requests? Any dietary restrictions or allergies?
  3. Will any special events will take place such as birthdays, honeymoons, etc.?
  4. What do these guests typically enjoy during their stay?
  5. What are these guests' preferences? Relaxation or Fun?
  6. Any particular request?

Take note, high-end travelers work with travel agents. Therefore, take advantage of the travel agents as your point of contact and customize their stay accordingly which will help outshine guest satisfaction.


If we think about it, luxury travel does not only mean the property itself but the hands-on experience gained by the guest. It is far beyond material wealth. It is the moment of being there, experiencing it, and building that moment while making it your one-of-a-kind travel experience.

Vacation rentals are marketed and distributed in many sales channels. This means that the more exposure you get, the more potential guests and the more bookings you'll receive. But of course, this theory is not the best practice for luxury vacation rentals. Experiences do not mean expensive.

It simply means going far and beyond delivered by trained and professional staff. Moreover, personalized experiences should be exclusive; in other words, one-of-a-kind. Therefore, design a unique experience that is not available to the masses. Consider collaborating with local artists or brands around the area. That way, you can create an authentic experience for your guests just as expected for luxury rentals to be of a high standard and a higher level of service.  Moreover, guest communications should far and beyond expectations. 

For more information on purchasing a vacation home or rental on the Forgotten Coast, Contact Our Office Today!



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Aug. 15, 2022

10 Reasons to Move to Cape San Blas, FL

Cape San Blas is a narrow stretch of land that extends from Port St. Joe-only a 20-minute drive-and finishes in a curve around St. Joseph Bay. Known primarily for its soft, sugary white sands and crystal clear blue-green water, Cape San Blas is a stunning secluded location with breathtaking sights. This destination is a world unto itself, offering a more relaxed take on the Emerald Coast experience. Continue to read to find 10 reasons why moving to Cape San Blas, FL is the right decision for you!

1. Extraordinary Scenery10 Reasons to Move to Cape San Blas, FL

No matter the season or time of day, it is difficult not to be in awe of the area's beautiful backdrop. Cape San Blas is known for its white beaches, pristine waters, and clear blue skies. The sunsets themselves are particularly impressive, inspiring you to set aside time to find your way to the beach and enjoy the sight of the sky melting into the horizon.

2. The Best Beach

Cape San Blas is regularly rated among the top 10 beaches in the US. Not only are the beaches themselves a scene from a movie, but they are truly well suited for a long day spent with loved ones. Because of the seclusion that Cape San Blas offers seclusion, there is no need to worry about the crowds that pervade many other Florida beaches. Many local beaches are pet-friendly, so you can bring your fuzzy friends along. You will want nothing more than to soak up the sun or play in the warm waves. No matter how you define beach-based fun, there is sure a lot of it to go around at this location.

3. Fun on the Water

Get your blood pumping with a variety of water-based activities that will change your view on Cape San Blas. Though it is secluded, don't let that deter your opinion on the fun that this area can offer. Local kayak and canoe rental shops offer everything you will need to safely adventure in St. Joseph Bay. Don't pass up Happy Oursa shop that offers paddleboard rentals, and guided snorkeling trips to view the wonderful marine life up close and personal!

4. Fishing

With its many piers, Cape San Blas is an ideal fishing destination. Visit the bay early in the morning for a great angling experience! Later in the day, head on over to the T.H. Stone Memorial St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, and don't miss out on catching some flounder, whiting, and speckled trout! For those who wish to be shown the experience, take advantage of some of the area's top charter companies.

5. Adventures on Land

If you love being outdoors, but don't want to spend all of your time on the beach, you are sure to be impressed by the large range of land-based recreational opportunities available to you! Check out the Loggerhead Run Bike Traila great way to explore Cape San Blas on two wheels, located between the St. Joseph Peninsula State Park and Salinas Park. Local stables can make your dream of riding the beach on horseback come true! If your interests are in the sky, birders can find a variety of species at the beach and local parks!

6. A Taste of Florida & Dining Opportunities

Cape San Blas is known to its locals for its "Old Florida" vibes. This area is famous for having less of a touristy feel than other areas found in Florida. Ditch your usual chain-owned restaurant and find a local-owned dining establishment. Are you a huge fan of seafood? You're in luck! Skully's Low Country Boil is among the top picks in Cape San Blas, with fresh catches found off the Gulf. Peachy's Beach Eats and the Indian Pass Raw Bar (located in nearby Port St. Joe) are great hits among the locals.
Not a fan of seafood? That's okay! Get some pizza and other specialties at the Scallop Cove General StoreTry some BBQ at the Sand Bucket Smokehouse & GrillAnd for an after-dinner treat, find some ice cream at Cone Heads. 

7. Friendly People

Cape San Blas is a destination where you will feel as if you have arrived at your long-lost home. Locals here are notorious for being friendly, as are fellow tourists. The lack of crowding lends itself to building strong connections. There are great opportunities to find new friends around every corner from the beach to the general store.

8. Great Schooling

There are amazing schools located near Cape San Blas, FL in Port St. Joseph. Of course, there are a few private schools servicing grades k-12 that are high ranking, such as the Faith Christain School. There are many elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and even a community college to choose from. With the location, these schools are set in, each one is sure to please anyone looking to put their children into school.

9. Peace and Quiet

Cape San Blas is far from touristy, though it is truly a dream come true. Being here is your opportunity to relax, whether it is on the beach or at the park without dealing with the hustle and bustle of busier areas. Even during peak season, the sense of serenity found at Cape San Blas is unparalleled.

10. Fair Housing

Though Cape San Blas is known predominantly known for its pet-friendly vacation rentals. But little do you know, many of the homes are located right on the beachfront. The average price of housing at Cape San Blas is $793K, with the lowest price at $69K. The highest price point of some of these luxury homes is $3.2M.

For more information about Cape San Blas, FL, and the housing market, check out our website.


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Aug. 8, 2022

Owning Luxury Real Estate in Florida

While the elaborate designs and dazzling amenities of a luxury property are appealing, buying a luxury home includes the same number of pros and cons that you'd weigh when buying a more modest piece of real estate. Before you set your sights on owning a lavish living space, take a moment to consider a few of the things luxury real estate homeowners face.

Customizable FeaturesOwning Luxury Real Estate in Florida

Luxury homes are often highly customized and cater to specific interests. Fabulous features like at-home basketball courts, theaters, gourmet kitchens, multi-car garages, separate guest wings, and rooftop entertainment areas are highly desirable. Many of these homes are also ripe for customization, allowing the buyer to transform nearly any room into the space of their dreams. Simply put, luxury homes offer amenities that standard single-family homes and condos simply cannot offer. 

Those who purchase a luxury estate often do so for the quality of life it affords. Many luxury homes are located within communities that feature their own world-class amenities like resort-style pools, golf courses, private beach access, fitness centers, restaurants, athletic fields, and so on. These communities are also often located within close proximity to highly desirable shopping, dining, and entertainment destinations. Keep in mind that when you buy luxury real estate, you buy a lifestyle. Private roof decks, swimming pools, common spaces with fitness centers, and maid service or hotel-style services distinguish luxury real estate.

High Cost/Loss of Value

Maintaining a luxury home can be a costly affair. Interior cleaning, exterior upkeep, and repair costs can all add up to tens of thousands of dollars over a few years. These are in addition to yearly property taxes, community fees, and other mandatory expenses. Luxury homes are not immune from the volatility of the real estate market. During unfavorable years, these properties can lose their value. There are also ways to lose your investment, even in a healthy market. There are a number of expensive upgrades or renovations that you may choose to complete that may not give you a noticeable return on investment.

The goal of investing in any real estate is to earn a return on your investment. When you choose luxury properties, consider the outcome that you want. For example, if you hope to turn a quick profit, you might focus on flipping. If you want long-term income, you might consider a luxury apartment or vacation home that you could profitably rent out.

Owning a luxury home is the ideal living situation for some families. For others, it can be a headache and ultimately a bad investment. High-end buyers desire many of the same features that all buyers want but on a grander scale. They want privacy and security, sometimes to the point of seclusion. They want beauty inside and out and can afford custom architecture, custom design, over-the-top attention to detail, and opulent finishes.

For more information, consult with a luxury real estate professional in our office.


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Aug. 1, 2022

5 Specialty Cafés in Cape Coral, FL

Cape Coral is nicknamed the "Venice of America," located in the southwestern region of Florida. To its locals, Cape Coral is a beautiful and friendly area to live, with wonderful beaches just a walk away. Unlike it's much larger sisters, Miami and Tampa, Cape Coral does not have much of a nightlife, but there are plenty of restaurants and cafés special only to that particular area.
Below are 5 specialty cafés located in Cape Coral, FL you won't want to miss out on!

1. Bones Coffee Company5 Specialty Cafés in Cape Coral

Averaging at a 4.3 star rating, Bones Coffee Company is a café that prides itself on providing the best experience for each customer when brewing their coffee. To ensure the freshest flavor from their coffee, Bones brews in smaller batches than some other coffee chains do. Full of rich, full-bodied and smooth flavors, Bones is not a place to be missed by the coffee eccentric. Bones also sells their own apparel, hats, tote bags, brewing and mugs.

2. The French Press

Averaging at a 4.5 star rating, The French Press offers a friendly ambience for its customers to enjoy sips of finest coffee alongside freshly curated sandwiches, delicious pastries, and artisanal gelato. An environment for both the caffeine addicts and foodies, you won't want to miss this sweet paradise focused solely on quality and sustainability. The French Press supports local growers in their purchase of fresh vegetables and fruits delivered every morning, with the intention of supporting the community of Cape Coral.

3. Java D'oro Gourmet Coffee Roasters

Averaging at a 5 star rating, Java D'oro Gourmet Coffee Roasters is a specialty café and company in Cape Coral, FL. The roast-masters are known for their profiling techniques to bring out the best flavor and aroma from their specialty Arabica beans. This café is family owned and operated since 1998, with each small batch roasted to perfection for every customer to ensure the best experience.

4. BAM German Bakery and More

Averaging at a 4.2 star rating, BAM German Bakery and More is a French and German styled European bakery. They not only specialize in deliciously brewed coffee, but also in exquisite German styled breads, French pastries, specialty cakes, and the German Sausages Deli. This quirky and unique deli posing as a café is a good fit for those who love the many tastes of coffee, but who also have an appreciation for German heritage and the foods of the culture.

5. Scooter's Coffee

Averaging at a rating of 5 stars, Scooter's Coffee prides itself on strong emotional ties with local farmers, employees, franchises, baristas, customers, and suppliers. Scooter's Coffee was born in 1998, and is fortunate to have over two decades of success due to the commitment of the original company values, and business principles. The rare name "Scooter" is based off of making customers happy by helping them "scoot in and scoot out" quickly. Smiley face stickers were started by Linda Eckles in 1998 as her own way to say "have a great day" to each customer, and lucky for her, it stuck (pun intended). Each cup is adorned with a smiley face sticker!

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July 18, 2022

What Should You Consider When Buying A Fixer-Upper In The Current Housing Market

The U.S. housing market has been red hot for the past few years, with home prices steadily rising and a seemingly endless supply of buyers who want a piece of the action. People have always wanted move-in ready or turnkey homes, but now with even higher home prices and low housing inventory, they’re looking for fixer-uppers. So, why should you? Well, the right fixer-upper could be a profitable investment with significant appreciation potential. In a very tight market, people looking for homes for sale can find great values, lower purchase prices, less competition, and instant equity in fixer-uppers.What Should You Consider When Buying A Fixer-Upper In The Current Housing Market

Moreover, as briefly suggested, the right property can mean that you may be able to purchase a home for less than other comparable homes. A fixer-upper will allow you to get into a property that is within your budget and take advantage of low prices. Plus, if you want to do some of the renovations yourself and make an old home into your brand new dream home, the opportunity is there. Of course, you have many other choices in the real estate market today, including homes that are brand new. But if you are looking for something that has real potential, buying a fixer-upper is definitely an option.

When buying a fixer-upper, buyers are typically looking for good bones and some great possibilities. This means you will need to think outside the box when it comes to what you can save up to purchase. There are plenty of houses around the country that need work, but they might not be right for you. Here are some things to consider:

The Location

Not all cities are created equal when it comes to fixing up old homes. Therefore, you should try and find an area where crime rates are low and where home values are low enough, so the house is affordable even in a hot market.

The Neighborhood

The best neighborhoods have areas that attract families and offer conveniences similar to what you will find in the suburbs in most major cities. So, first things first, you should consider working with real estate agents who know the market you are interested in well. A knowledgeable realtor can be invaluable here and can be a resource when it comes to specific neighborhoods.

For some, buying an old home is an exciting adventure. For others, it’s a challenge. But be that as it may, recent data shows that buyers are still buying fixer-uppers. As the market begins to cool and building material prices continue to soar, more than a few buyers are taking a little more time to renovate

In general, fixer-uppers are riskier investments because they require rehabilitation. As a result, a lot of people assume that buying an older home is a bad idea. The worry is that older homes have major problems with the foundation, roof, plumbing, wiring, paint, etc., and that they will need a lot of fixing up. Major issues can also mean ongoing renovations, which could mean you are living in a construction zone for months. But buying a fixer-upper comes with some inherent risks, whether it’s an old house or an unfinished property. Even so, there are plenty of good reasons to buy an older house. 

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