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May 24, 2022

Tips for Buying Homes Outside of Big City Limits

The pandemic spurred on many new twists in the real estate market including how home buyers look for homes and what they are looking for in homes. One of these twists was a rise in the number of buyers interested in purchasing homes further out from dense urban areas/ big cities.Tips for Buying Homes Outside of Big City Limits

The allure of having more home for the money and the opportunity to enjoy outdoor spaces both in the form of a larger yard and being closer to recreation was a major draw. This coupled with the ability to work remotely from anywhere led to a large number of people considering a move to more suburban and rural areas.

There are many amazing and beautiful places further from city centers worth a look. If you are considering a move away from the city, here are some tips for making the transition.

Research the Town You are Interested in and its Surrounding Areas

Even if you are moving within a short distance from the city, you currently live in, it will still feel like relocating to a completely different area in some aspects. Make sure you get to know the town and its culture/atmosphere as well as possible. It will help you to decide if the area really does sound like a place you want to be every day.

You want to research the type of restaurants, things to do, schools, cost of living, etc. In addition to looking up articles on the area or searching yelp lists, check out actual discussion forums to see some honest answers and opinions from people who have experienced the area.

Don’t be afraid to find a few forums and ask your own questions if you are not finding answers to the ones you have. The more research you do the better. Just remember that it will give you a good idea about the area but the only way to truly know if you will like living there happens when you actually live there.

Sit Down with Your Family and Determine What You All See in Your Next Best Home

It is important to consider what is special to you and your family. What do you like to do on a daily basis? What do you like to do to take a short amount of time off from the everyday rush? What attributes of your home right now are not working for you? What attributes of a future home could change that and help daily life run more smoothly? What will you be needing from your home in the next few years as your family grows and transitions to new life stages?

Take a Look into How the Local Government Operates

This is one that very few home buyers take the time to do but is very important. A city’s, our town’s, county’s, etc. quality of living is only as good as the local government that oversees it. You may find that a town has a beautiful location but the town council is not very proactive in hearing the concerns of the residents.

It is also a good idea to look into the future development plans for the area. If you are moving to a place to enjoy a more relaxed and quieter lifestyle but the local government is focused on building it up and bringing more industry and building more businesses and homes in the area, it is something to think about. The area will not be the one you originally moved into.

Look Over Your Finances and Budget

Before making any move, it is a good idea to go over your budget and determine if you can afford the type of home and location you are dreaming of.

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May 17, 2022

How Neighbors Have Inhibited Home Sales and How to Navigate It

How Neighbors Have Inhibited Home Sales and How to Navigate It

In a perfect world where nothing goes wrong selling your home would only depend upon what is inside the boundaries of the property, you are selling. There would be no exterior factors of the surrounding neighborhood or community that would make an impact on the ability to sell your home. As long as you have taken great care of your home and gotten it in top condition ready to sell there should be no hiccups, correct?

Unfortunately, it has happened where circumstances within a perfect home’s neighborhood have inhibited its ability to successfully sell. Where one of the biggest contributors tends to be the neighbors. One less-than-ideal neighbor could significantly impact the ability to sell your home.

Here are some not so uncommon circumstances that have led to difficult situations in home sales and what you can do if you end up facing them.

A neighbor who is interested in your property

If your neighbor loves their location and has long dreamed of expanding their property lines, they may be interested in buying your home and have a strategy of scaring off buyers and competition in hopes to purchase at a lower price.

There have been stories of home sales where a neighbor makes themselves regularly available every time a potential buyer steps into the property eagerly sharing negative untruths about the property with its owners.

In this situation, it may be a good idea to consult a real estate lawyer and see what your next steps could be in handling this type of neighbor. Even if you prove there is nothing wrong with the home it could be difficult to get a buyer who has talked with the neighbor to purchase a home next to this type of person. It may be within your interest to sell to this neighbor but only after communicating your leverage in the knowledge of their misconduct.

The neighbor with a less than ideal property

Even in the nicest and most sought-after neighborhoods, there could be one homeowner that does not keep their property up like everybody else. There could be several reasons why this is happening sometimes it is just merely a situation where the homeowner is too busy and cannot afford to hire help or is just physically unable to care for the property themselves.

One situation where this can be increasingly detrimental is in the situation of shared space like a driveway. If you are keeping your side of the driveway neat and tidy while the other side has landscaping overgrowing it or a collection of junk piles it does not help to sell the home.

Dealing with an unsightly property that may turn buyers off especially if it is a neighboring property may mean offering to help take care of some things at your neighbor’s home. If you live in an area with a homeowner’s association it is highly likely that some violations are taking place and you may want to anonymously have a talk with the association board about the current condition of the person’s property.

Neighbors is creating an unpleasant atmosphere when buyers are present

It is not uncommon for a neighborhood to have a neighbor that is particularly unhappy with their current living situation and as such makes the atmosphere around them less pleasant. Or maybe they are just blissfully unaware or uncaring that other people are within earshot and sight of what they do outside of their home.

It can happen when neighbors are using their outdoor spaces while buyers are touring a home and making a ruckus or exhibiting behaviors that seem less than ideal and this causes buyers to head for the hills.

In this situation, it might be a good idea to talk with the other neighbors around you and ask them if they have noticed this disrupting behavior. You could ask them to come with you to have a talk with the neighbor about how their conduct outside the home makes for an uncomfortable outdoor environment for everyone. Unfortunately, this does not mean that they have to change their behavior but it could mean that they might.

Having interesting neighbors is not all that uncommon. This is why we see so many situations of unpleasant neighbors written into TV shows that we laugh about. For more advice on dealing with difficult neighbors, it is always a good idea to talk with an expert real estate agent.

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May 3, 2022

Is it Okay to Offer List Price in this Competitive Market?

If you are shopping for a home right now you might be wondering what you need to do to compile an offer that will get accepted over other competing offers. It is typical in a more even market or in a buyer’s market for buyers to determine how much below the asking price they could offer on the home and still have the seller accept. Sometimes the seller would come back with a counteroffer and the buyer and seller would negotiate on a revised price somewhere between the original offer and the list price of the home.Should we offer list price in this competitive market?

But right now, it has been a competitive seller’s market for the last couple of years and buyers need to shop with different expectations as the real estate market is flowing much differently than we have seen in the recent past.

How the real estate market is different right now

Many people would say that the current business of buying and selling homes is unlike anything they have seen. The National Association of Realtors says that the average home receives 4.8 offers and sells in just 17 days. This is very different from statistics just a few years ago.

The new normal for the real estate market is to see homes selling quickly and receiving several offers where some buyers are doing things that may seem a little crazy to win out against the competition and become the new owner of the property. This is due to a very low inventory of homes and a high number of buyers all looking at the same homes.

What impact does this make on submitting an offer?

Current market conditions should always guide a buyer’s process in constructing a purchase offer on a property. Right now, the asking price or list price for a home is often the lowest number where negotiations begin rather than the top tier. Being prepared for this is important when you go to submit an offer on a home. This should be information that you keep in your back pocket while searching for homes you may want to purchase. You don’t want to fall in love with a home that will most definitely sell for a much higher price than you can afford.

Some real estate experts have advised home shoppers to expect homes to sell above list price, especially in highly desirable neighborhoods. They also advise that you shop just below your max budget so that you have plenty of room to make an offer above the list price should the home be in a highly competitive situation with many offers. You also want to be careful and aware of the possibility of an appraisal gap where more money is offered for the purchase of the home than the fair market value of the home.

An appraisal gap can create issues if you are hoping to finance the purchase of your home through a mortgage. Mortgage lenders require an appraisal to be conducted by a professional to ensure that they are not taking too big of a risk and lending out more money than the actual property is worth. In this scenario, if a buyer has offered more money than the fair market value, they are responsible for paying this difference in cash or walking away from the purchase because a lender will not lend more than the fair market value.

Whatever your strategy and the amount of knowledge you have about the property it is always the best idea to put together your best competitive offer on a home with the help of a trusted expert real estate agent.

For more information on homes in Carrabelle and surrounding areas and other Forgotten Coast real estate please contact us anytime.

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April 27, 2022

What is Expected for Home Price Appreciation in the Near Future?

As mortgage rates are increasing and home prices are continuing to increase many hopeful buyers are questioning what is going to happen with home values in the next few years. Some hoping to purchase a home in the near future are finding concern with the recent significant jump in home prices and they are hoping that it will not lead to a similar housing crash as we saw in 2008.What is Expected for Home Price Appreciation in the Near Future?

The comforting news is that several real estate experts are saying the real estate market is not headed for a disastrous crash. They are saying that there are several signifiers that are opposite from what was experienced in the last housing recession. Some experts agree that home price appreciation needs to slow down to remain sustainable but that the growth that is being experienced right now is mostly driven by the short supply of homes for sale.

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Appreciation Expectation Numbers for the Next Few Years

It is predicted that price appreciation is going to slow out of the double-digit range that we have seen over the last two years going through 2022 and into the future. But many experts do not expect there to be any depreciation in home values coming around the bend.

The company Pulsenomic has released a home price expectation survey. This survey is a national panel of over 100 expert economists, real estate experts, and investment market strategists. The data from this report shows that home prices are going to continue to increase for the next five years according to all who participated. According to the survey it is expected that home prices will increase 9% this year and increase at slower rates over the next five. The 2023 prediction of appreciation is 4.74%. For 2024 the predicted rate is 3.67%. But there is no depreciation expected over the next five years.

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What does this mean for buyers?

A limited number of homes listed for sale and prices increasing as well as mortgage rates going up can make for a challenging time shopping for a home. It may seem like it would be better to purchase a home when prices are not rapidly increasing. Like it would be better to hold off for a couple of years.

But purchasing a home now could come with its own set of benefits. Even if you wait to purchase a home you will still be paying more than you would now according to predictions even as the appreciation rate slows it’s still a rate of appreciation, not depreciation.

Purchasing now also allows a buyer to take advantage of expected future price increases and let them work for you. These increasing home prices help a homeowner to build value and retain equity and as such build their own personal wealth portfolio.

Deciding whether to purchase right now or hold off for a little bit can be a difficult question but the key to knowing the answer is to be knowledgeable of what is predicted of the market in both the real estate and the mortgage world.
Though mortgage interest rates have increased they are still not insanely high. It may be better to purchase a home while prices are lower than playing a gambling game where mortgage interest rates will end up in a few years.

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April 19, 2022

Using a Tax Refund to Help Achieve Home Ownership Goals in 2022

If you are purchasing or selling a home in 2022 there will be a number of different out-of-pocket expenses. If you are purchasing a home this year this could include a down payment, closing costs, and maybe even the cost of a home inspection. If you are selling a home this might mean the cost to get your home in its top shape and ready to list.Using a Tax Refund to Help Achieve Home Ownership Goals in 2022

These expenses can add up to quite a bit of money and one method of finding some cash to cover these expenses is to use your tax return. This is a common tactic used by many buyers and sellers to help them successfully purchase or sell a home. The company SmartAsset has estimated that the average tax-paying citizen in America will receive a refund of about $2897. Of course, this number varies by state and the person’s income as well as write-offs.

How buyers can use their tax refund to help them purchase a home

There are several ways that a home buyer can use their refund to help them with their next home purchase in 2022. Some of the ways using refund money could be helpful include:

Helping to pad your down payment savings. The down payment is the largest out-of-pocket cost that most homebuyers will end up with. A tax refund can significantly put boost your down payment savings. Most often your refund will not pay your entire down payment means but it can go a long way in getting you to your goal.

Covering the cost of a home inspection or appraisal. Though many buyers are choosing to waive the inspection contingency this does not mean that you should not still get an inspection on your own dime. Having a professional inspection conducted will help to give you clear insight into the condition that the home is in. An appraisal is most often a mandatory requirement of a mortgage lender but the expense is paid for by the home buyer. These items can both cost several hundred to just over $1000 depending upon the property.

Help pay closing costs. Closing costs are additional expenses that the borrower must pay at the time of signing the final paperwork to officially close on the sale of the home and become the new legal owner. The average closing costs are anywhere from 2% to 5% of the purchase price of the property.

How a tax refund can help sellers

Getting your home ready to list can take a fair amount of money. Using some of your tax return money to get your home in top shape could help it to sell faster and for the most amount of money possible. Here are some areas where sellers can put their tax refund money to good use:

Making repairs. If there are items in your home that need significant attention it is worth completing them with the use of this money. Make sure you check with your trusted real estate agent and discuss what items really should be repaired before people come to see the home and what is not a dealbreaker and better left to the next buyer.

Small upgrades/updates. If your home is looking old or tired in some places you could use a portion of your tax refund to tackle some small projects to make your home feel fresh and full of life again. The cleaner and newer your home feels to a buyer the more excited buyers you will have making offers.

Purchasing your next home. No matter if you are selling to purchase your next bigger dream home or planning to live a simpler lifestyle by downsizing, a tax refund can help you to pay for the cost of your next home purchase.

A tax refund can be a nice chunk of change that could help out in significant ways for a home purchase or sale even though it may seem like a very small amount of money as compared to the overall budget of purchasing or selling a home.

For more information on real estate on the Forgotten Coast, including homes in Port Saint Joe, please contact us anytime.

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April 11, 2022

Buying a Home On a Budget in 2022

Buying a Home On a Budget in 2022

Some hopeful homebuyers were waiting and hoping to see property values begin to drop in 2022. Right now, values have yet to decrease as housing inventory remains low. This has led some buyers to be priced out of purchasing a home altogether.

If you’re hoping to buy a home this year but are on a tighter budget there are still some ways that you could get into homeownership. Here are four options that could make homeownership a more attainable goal in the next year or two.

Start out your home buying with a smaller property, like a condo or townhome

Condos and townhomes do not come with as much or any land as compared to single-family detached homes, but they can still be a good home buying investment. They are especially great if you are a first-time buyer and have never owned your own property before. They give you the ability to purchase real estate that you actually own at a lower price point and they also come with much lower requirements for home maintenance.

Some townhomes even come with a little bit of a backyard or front lawn giving you the opportunity to get outside within your own space. And what is great about most condos and townhomes is they come with associations that take care of a lot of maintenance with an added benefit of sometimes offering community amenities like hot tubs and workout rooms.

Purchase a home with a family member

Many buyers cannot afford to purchase a home solo or will be unable to qualify for a mortgage completely on their own. If you are a single homeowner or hoping to be, considering partnering with a family member to purchase a home could be your way in. There are many home buyers choosing this route and purchasing homes with their siblings or cousins or even an older parent. This could make qualifying for a mortgage and affording payments come back into reach. You could even purchase a larger home than you originally intended with plenty of space for both buying parties.

Before jumping into this with excitement make sure that you are being realistic about the way you intend to live in your home and your day-to-day habits and lifestyles and how they might work with the other person you would consider purchasing a home with. You also want to make sure that you are going into the purchase with clear expectations of who will take on what role in caring for the home. You also want to address what will happen should one person decide they wish to move or sell their portion.

Purchase a home with a rental potential

Purchasing a property that you could convert a portion into a separate rental space that is self-contained and able to be its own livable area could be a great option. You could also look for homes that already have this available.

For example, a home with its own finished basement that has a kitchenette and bathroom could be a great means of being able to rent out the area like a small apartment to help you make up a portion of the cost of homeownership. In some areas where rental properties are in high demand, it could even cover your mortgage payment completely.

You might benefit from just turning the rental portion of the home into a vacation rental space. This allows you to only have a roommate a portion of the time.

For more information on purchasing a home on St. George Island and surrounding areas and all Forgotten Coast real estate please contact us anytime.

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March 29, 2022

Location is Actually Very Important in Home Buying

Location is Actually Very Important in Home Buying

The process of moving all of your things in and out of the house and acclimating is no small feat. It is not uncommon for a lot of homebuyers, especially several who have purchased a home in the last few years to not love the location that the home is in.

This could be partly due to the fact that home inventory was so low even though historically low mortgage interest rates created the ability to afford a higher-priced home. This led some buyers to quickly purchase a home that looked nice without necessarily researching its location.

Before you purchase a home, make sure that you are thinking about the future and how long you would really like to stay in the location that the home is in. There’s so much involved in making a house a comfortable place that you actually want to call home.

When you purchase a home you’re not only purchasing the property but the atmosphere of its location. It’s very important to do as much research as possible about where you are interested in living before going home shopping. In the past, the home location was mainly a choice that was grounded in where a person worked and how far they were willing to travel every day to get there. With many more people working remotely, this opens up a wider world of location options. This has also led some homebuyers to purchase in more rural areas without necessarily truly thinking through what living a more rural lifestyle would look like.

Some tips for researching a location to move to that you will love

Think about the things you love to do every day

Walk yourself through a week in your life and ask yourself what are activities that you and anyone else living in your home most enjoy. Do you have kids that love to play sports? Do you like to go out to certain activities? You want to make sure these things are readily available and at the level of quality that you expect.

For example, you could move from an area with a very high level of competitive sports that one of your children really enjoys into an area that has sports but the teams are not quite at the competition level that your child has come to really love and thrive in.

Or maybe you are a foodie who loves to experience the highest quality restaurants. Moving into a new area, you may be longing to get back to your favorite taco spot from your previous home.

Ask yourself if you are ready to adapt to a whole new lifestyle

If you were thinking of picking up and moving to a completely different area than what you currently live in ask yourself what your motivation for doing that is. Will there be things that you love about your current everyday life that are comfortable? For example, if you move from a more urban area to a rural area are you ready to get used to a very quiet lifestyle? Will you be willing to drive long distances to get to community activities? Or just to get to daily everyday needs like school or the grocery store?

When you find a home that you are seriously considering, it is a good idea to not just look at the home, but to park the car somewhere and walk the neighborhood. What is it that you love about the neighborhood? Does the atmosphere seem exactly how you hoped? Are you hoping that there will be businesses within walking distance? If so, it is a good idea to try and walk from the home to nearby businesses. When you’re walking through the neighborhood try and imagine yourself living in it. Envision taking a morning walk or taking a trek on a summer day to the store or a nearby restaurant.

Know what the plans are for development

You may really love the neighborhood now, but it could quickly change within just a couple of years depending upon the ability to develop in the area. Maybe you’re hoping to move to very quiet and peaceful surroundings, but there’s a lot of potential and vacant land ready for a real estate developer to come in and put up a large number of homes. It is a good idea to ask about current building permits in the area and what might be coming in over the next 5 to 10 years. In some areas, more development means rising property values which mean higher taxes.

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March 14, 2022

Decluttering Projects You Can Do in 15 Minutes or Less

Decluttering Projects You Can Do in 15 Minutes or Less

One of the best things you can do to help get your home ready to sell is to get it as clean and tidy as possible. One of the best ways to present your home as clean is for it to be clutter-free. When many people hear the word decluttering, they usually don’t get excited. But here are some ways that you can declutter your home in just 15 minutes or less to help get it ready for potential buyers to come to see it.

Shower products

A high point of interest in a home to most buyers is the bathroom, especially the en-suite bathroom in the primary or master bedroom. Having too many products lying about the bathroom gives it the feel that there is not enough space to store the essentials. This is especially true if there are more products than shelf space in the shower.

You can quickly de-clutter all of those extra products out of your shower. Start by pulling everything out of the shower and placing them into an empty sink. Consider tossing away any products that haven’t been used in a couple of weeks and then storing any items that don’t neatly fit onto the shower shelves into a cabinet.

If you have some products that you tried but do not like, consider giving them away to someone that might like to try them. Some stores will take back partially used items that you don’t love like Bath and Body Works.

The laundry room

This is another frequently used area in the home and as such will gain a lot of interest from a home buyer. The most appealing of laundry rooms are those that feel like they have plenty of storage options to keep a room that can quickly become cluttered and messy neat and organized. Buyers want to see a room where they feel they would be excited to do laundry instead of like it is a burden.

Do a quick check over your laundry room to see if there are any empty bottles of cleaner in there. Grab anything that was randomly pulled out of laundry pockets before it was put in the machine and put away. Consider grabbing a few decorative bins to place on shelves for your remaining products so that they seem neatly organized yet also neatly tucked away.

And then finish up by giving the place a good wipe down and the floor a good sweeping.

The entry

The area right by the front door is commonly used as a drop zone in many homes, especially in homes with children. Go through your entry quickly and recycle any junk mail, hang up all the coats, and put away any items that may have been dropped as soon as someone returned home to their rightful place.

If your coat closet seems to be overflowing or your hooks are holding too many coats consider boxing them up to use after you move if they are out of season. You could also store coats that are taking up just a little more room making the space feel overwhelmed in the bedroom closet of the person that owns the coat.

By taking on small areas at a time, decluttering the home to get it ready to sell doesn’t have to feel so overwhelming. It could turn into a series of very small bursts of activity that feel easy to accomplish.

For more information on purchasing a home in Mexico Beach or other Forgotten Coast real estate please contact us anytime.

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March 7, 2022

Market Terms to Know When Home Buying in 2022

Market Terms to Know When Home Buying in 2022

Purchasing a new home can be one of the best adventures in a lifetime. It can also be very stressful, confusing, and maybe even a little overwhelming. Right now, the housing market is much more different than it was just a few years ago. If you are brand new to shopping for a home or have not done so in the last couple of years, there may be some terms being used you were unaware of.

Appraisal Gap

While this is not a new term it is relatively new to many homebuyers as it was rarely used before the pandemic. An appraisal gap is an occurrence of when a buyer has offered to purchase a home for more than what it has been professionally appraised for.

This can also refer to a home being purchased for less than the official appraised fair market value, but this is very rare in a world full of bidding wars in the current market. It is not uncommon for homes to enter into bidding wars and buyers to offer to pay above list price for a home only to find out that the fair market value is below what they offered.

This leaves a buyer with a situation to try and negotiate a lower purchase price or pay for the difference in value and their offer in cash out of their pocket.

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Appraisal Gap Insurance

This is an added promise included in the purchase contract when a buyer offers above the list price that they will pay the difference in the appraisal and list price up to a certain amount. It is much more commonly used in bidding war situations to help a buyer win out in a bidding war and help guarantee their offer to the seller.

This can also sometimes be called an appraisal gap clause.

Waiving Contingencies

In most offer contracts there are standard contingencies included such as the appraisal contingency and the inspection contingency. It is very common for many buyers to waive contingencies where possible to try and make their offer more enticing and be able to close on the home sale more quickly. This is not always an option especially if the buyer is purchasing a home with the help of a mortgage. Most lenders will require at least an appraisal.

Seller Delay of Closing

In the crazy world of inventory shortages, some sellers are asking for an extension on the closing date of the sale to allow them more time in the home while they find the next one. With the hectic market that has been continuing with a lack of home inventory, it is a good idea to include some solid provisions for what will happen when closing needs to be delayed.

It is a good idea to include some concessions for any trouble that a possible delay would cause to the other party in the transaction. Some buyers find it helpful to include a rent back clause where the seller begins renting the home from the new owner to help encourage them not to continue to ask to delay closing out further.

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Non-QM Mortgage

More and more homebuyers are finding it useful to forego traditional mortgage loans and obtain a non-QM mortgage. This simply means a non-qualifying or non-conforming loan. These loans allow the borrower a little more acceptance with a different means to verify that they are a solid and responsible candidate for a loan outside of stricter traditional loan qualifiers.

The real estate market is very much different from what it was just a few years ago. If you are just entering it now it will look very different than what some come to expect. It is always a great idea to hire an experienced real estate professional to help you navigate today’s market.

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For more information on purchasing a home in Wewahitchka Florida and other Forgotten Coast real estate, please contact us any time.


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Feb. 28, 2022

Finding the Best Buyers Agent for Purchasing a Home Right Now

Finding the Best Buyers Agent for Purchasing a Home Right Now

Purchasing a home right now takes a lot more knowledge and expertise than it did just a few years ago. There is a high level of competition among buyers that you want to make sure you have a buyer’s agent with a winning strategy. One that is well versed in successful tactics to get their clients into homes.

Why Hiring the Right Agent Matters

In the ever-competitive market of buying a home, an agent makes all the difference in winning out over the competition. You want to make sure you are hiring not only someone you can trust but someone that really has your best interest in mind and wants to see you in a home that you truly need and love.

The more experience a buyer’s agent has in the location you hope to purchase a home, the better chance you have known exactly what you need to do to achieve home buying success.

They may even be able to find homes that have not yet hit the market and help you get ahead of the competition by finding homes other buyers are not yet aware of. They can also help you to decipher if a neighborhood you are interested in really does align with what you are looking for in a home. Because it is hard to tell what daily life culture will be like in a certain area without the insights of someone who knows the territory.

Make Sure to Do Your Homework on Local Agents

There are so many real estate ads out there communicating the best attributes of an agent. And some that may be stretching the truth or telling a different story about someone altogether.

Before hiring any agent make sure that you do your research on them.

Ask them for information on homes they have recently sold. Ask if they can give you some detailed information on how they fought and used strategy to win out against other offers. Ask them about helping a buyer that may have seemed like the underdog in a situation become the accepted offer on a home. Ask them if you can speak directly with any of their former clients to get their side and review their home purchase. You also can conduct an online search to see if there are any reviews about them and to ensure they are licensed and up to date on legal requirements in the area they operate.

After Doing Homework Ask Yourself If You Actually Like the Agent

In some scenarios, an agent may do an amazing job at winning real estate deals for their client, but may not seem like they have the best and warmest personality. Even if an agent seems successful, you want to make sure that you not only know they can do the job, but that you will trust them, and truly enjoy working with them. This is important to help ensure that your home buying process is an enjoyable one, not just only a business transaction that you may dread taking part in.

It is important right now more than ever to hire an agent that knows what they are doing and is great to work with. Buying a home can be challenging right now, but it doesn’t have to be miserable with a great agent on your team.

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