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Jan. 30, 2023

6 Key Tips to Know Before Investing in a Oceanfront Home in Florida

It is a great personal investment for someone interested in purchasing an oceanfront home in Florida, whether it is a permanent residency or a vacation home. There are basic missteps that can occur that home buyers can make when purchasing an ocean side home in Florida.

1. Ignoring Seasonal Care When Away6 Key Tips to Know Before Investing in a Oceanfront Home in Florida

Homes in Florida, particularly oceanfront homes, are dependent upon cruel tempests and wild seasonal changes. Houses that are close to the ocean are exposed to seawater, which can be very damaging to the exterior of the home, known to rot wood over time and corrode certain metals. They should be kept up and minded regularly. If you don't live at your oceanfront home year-round, then making customary excursions to the habitation yourself would be in your best interest. If that is impossible, then procuring an upkeep team or individual who can get involved and deal with the residency in your absence is a great option.

2. Rental Mistakes

A wonderful means to balance the expenses of owning an oceanfront home for those who do not live there year-round is leasing the property out seasonally. But there can be issues that occur when leasing a property. Here are a few things to keep in mind when doing so:

-Counties in Florida require licensing and certain investigations.

-The location of your home is not advantageous.

-Costs of rent aren't always maintainable.

-Tenants can cause damage to the interior of the home.

Making such a large purchase like buying an oceanfront home is supposed to be a fun approach to escaping the everyday life of living in a city or being landlocked. Yet, it is essential to consider how much time and cash are needed to maintain the home, much less the complete period of owning the home.

3. Not Getting a Proper Inspection

Because oceanfront homes are more likely to be exposed to exterior damage due to their placement close to the elements, your home must be reviewed properly. Home inspectors who have experience assessing oceanfront homes are better at searching for indications of issues arising in your property that if left alone can be very expensive to fix. If there are explicit guidelines you have to follow in your county, assessors can give you full disclosures on such guidelines you have to follow.

4. Get to Know the Shoreline

Some records will show you if there have been changes in the shoreline, particularly if it is rising or not. If this is the case, depending on how close your home is to the ocean on the property line, you may not have a background in 10 years. If it is dropping on the other hand, the property can lose all of its appeal if the water retreats too far back from the beach. This in turn will allow you to know if there can be a future issue, giving you an idea if you have the correct insurance for expenses. Because of possible flooding in the area, insurance for an oceanfront property can be more expensive.

5. Check Over Additional Utility Costs

In addition to insurance costs, it can always be a huge surprise to find that oceanfront properties come with other unexpected expenses. Both water and sewer costs can be higher in cost. If you have a water well or septic tank if you don't operate off of city water, those expenses can catch you off guard. Before you start looking for a home, get a good idea of what your costs will look like.

6. Risks Involved

There are risks involved in buying an oceanfront property like any other investment. As we mentioned before, the main issue associated with purchasing an oceanfront property is that it can be affected by seasonal weather and other natural disasters. It is important to do your research on the area to determine if it is 1. safe, and 2. worth the investment. Here are some of the cons of buying an oceanfront property:

-Coastal erosion to your property.

-Risk of hurricane season or flooding.

-High maintenance costs.

-Restrictions to your property due to what county you live in.

For further information on purchasing an oceanfront property in Florida, check out our website.


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Jan. 23, 2023

Where & What is the Lost Coast of Florida

The Lost Coast of Florida AKA the Forgotten Coast of Florida is a stretch of coastal land of the Floridan Panhandle. This coast gained its name for being left out of tourism promotions vacationing in Florida for several years in a row. This region is comprised of Franklin, Gulf, Jefferson, and Wakulla counties. The cities that comprise the Forgotten Coast are as follows:Where & What is the Lost Coast of Florida

  • Apalachicola. A city and county seat of Franklin County, on the shore of Apalachicola Bay, an inlet of the Gulf of Mexico. Known to be a charming fishing town, offering amazing seafood, and lovely waterfront parks.
  • Carrabelle. A city in Franklin County on the Floridan Panhandle east of Apalachicola on the mouth of the Carrabelle River and the Gulf of Mexico. Known best for being the nature lover's paradise, and most famous for its beautiful beaches and fun water sports.
  • Crawfordville. A county seat of Wakulla county, at Crawfordville you will find unique local antique shops, amazing restaurants, and a stunning historical sight of the historic courthouse completed in 1894.
  • Eastpoint. A seafood central hub in Franklin County, Eastpoint is an authentic fishing community to offer.
  • Monticello. Known as the heart of Natural North Florida, Monticello is home to Indian burial mounds and many historic buildings. Some such buildings include the Perkins Opera House and the Monticello Old Jail Museum.
  • Port St. Joe. Located on the shore of St Joseph bay, Port St. Joe is the county seat of Gulf County, Florida. Tons of charter companies provide access to the best off-shore fishing in the Gulf.
  • Saint Marks. Part of the Tallahassee metropolitan area in Wakulla County, FL. Saint Marks has a winter habitat for migratory birds and serves as the oldest refuge in the National Wildlife Refuge System.

Other destinations are:

  • Apalachicola National Forest. This national forest is the largest in the state of Florida. You will find that the Apalachicola National Forest is a haven for protected, threatened, and sensitive species.
  • St. George Island. A 22-mile barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico, St. George Island is home to the most unspoiled beaches in Florida. Here you can see the St. George Island Lighthouse which was rebuilt after a natural disaster destroyed the original lighthouse.

For those looking to leave behind city life, the Forgotten Coast is an area that provides peaceful communities and friendly people not only proud of their culture but of their abundant local businesses. This stretch of land is unspoiled, pristine Gulf Coast beaches that haven't been overrun by strip malls or high rises. For locals, beach life is peaceful with shelling, fishing, and relaxation surrounded by nature and the animals that inhabit the area. There are also many health benefits of living in this environment, as seaside living promotes an active lifestyle, as well as aiding respiratory health.

For more local information on the Lost Coast of Florida aka the Forgotten Coast of Florida, check out our website.


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Jan. 17, 2023

5 Tranquil Towns on the Forgotten Coast

The Forgotten Coast is a stretch of stunning coastal beach towns that share the same sugary white sand as the rest of Florida but just lack the crowds. The five towns we will be discovering more of today are Apalachicola, Mexico Beach, St. George Island, Port St. Joe, and Cape San Blas. These beach towns are lesser known that you should keep on your radar. Unlike many other beach towns in the rest of Florida, the beaches aren't hidden behind homes and other infrastructure. It makes it easier to enjoy the peaceful views of the warm ocean waves, and virgin beaches everywhere you turn. The paradise on the Panhandle of Florida these five tranquil towns have to offer are known for local charm, fishing, and great seafood. Without further ado, let us take a deep dive into these five coastal towns and what makes them unique in their ways.5 Tranquil Towns on the Forgotten Coast

1. Apalachicola 

Apalachicola is an Old Florida charming fishing town brimming with rich history, hip breweries, and delicious fresh-seafood restaurants. One of the largest cities on the Forgotten Coast, and yet is unspoiled and a contrast from the glamor of other cities in Florida. You will find an old southern charm in the historic downtown and tranquil coastline lined with shrimp and oyster boats docked at their ports. Apalachicola is known as the Oyster Capital of the world, meaning there are many fun restaurants where you can unwind, and relax while enjoying a cold brew in hand.

Where to Eat in Apalachicola 

-Owl Creek Cafe. Located in a beautiful vintage building on the second floor, enjoy the relaxed view of the water while dining on American seafood. Items on the menu at Owl Creek Cafe have selections that range from exotic imported dishes to fresh, locally-caught seafood. There is a wine list that has as much character as Apalachicola itself, delivering the perfect complement to every meal.

-Up the Creek Raw Bar. Locals can choose to eat on a patio overlooking the water or dine on eclectic eats indoors. At Up the Creek Raw Baryou can find items on the menu featuring foods from vegetarian to upscale entrees. This casual restaurant offers a laid-back atmosphere and its items are all part of exciting culinary trends.

-Olde Time Soda Fountain. A wonderful place to enjoy time with your family, Olde Time Soda Fountain features classic soda fountain ice cream, and a large variety of gift shop items, souvenirs, and dog treats for your furry four-legged friends.


What to Do in Apalachicola 

-Discover what makes Apalachicola rich in history at the Cape St George Lighthouse & Museum, Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserveand Raney House Museum

-Grab a beer and a warm meal at Oyster City Brewing Co

-Tour over 900 historic homes and buildings in old Florida dating back to 1830 at the Apalachicola Historic District

-Plan a local beach day with fun in the water at St. George Island


2. Mexico Beach 

Many buildings have been revamped with the addition of new local hot spots popping up all over Mexico Beach, Florida. Referred to as the "Mayberry on the Water" Mexico Beach is made up of 5 miles of white sand, and only one stoplight. This small-town coastal spot is a hidden gem in the Florida Panhandle. If you are looking for R&R lounging on the beach with a drink in your hand, then the serene environment that Mexico Beach provides may be for you!


Where to Eat in Mexico Beach 

-Killer Seafood. This restaurant provides seafood-shack eats. Killer Seafood has everything from grilled fish tacos to fried shrimp baskets!

-Caribbean Coffee LLC. This laid-back cafe provides a colorful environment. Caribbean Coffee serves a variety of coffee and teas, and if you are feeling hungry, they also serve pastries and sandwiches.

-Shell Shack. Known for serving the best local seafood in Mexico City, Shell Shack has been in business since 1965. Here, you can have your pick among fresh or steamed shrimp, fish, and many other types of delicious fresh catches from the Florida ocean.


What to Do in Mexico Beach 

-Book a guided fishing trip with Mexico Beach Marina

-Paddle on rivers, canals, and bays to explore wildlife.

-If you want to explore the ocean at a closer glance, Mexico Beach is the best place to scuba dive.


3. Port St. Joe 

Port St. Joe is a small beach town with a big heart. Now a charming, small fishing village, this town is walkable and an ideal getaway for travelers in search of a peaceful environment. Port St. Joe has many charter companies that provide access to the best off-shore fishing along the Gulf. This town on the Panhandle of Florida is known best for its famous speckled trout, redfish, and tarpon, offering the perfect fishing expedition.


Where to Eat in Port St. Joe 

-Pepper's Mexican Grill & Cantina. This restaurant is a casual eatery with familiar, homestyle Mexican dishes. Pepper's offers foods such as seafood and vegetarian options for those that don't want meat in their meal. To add to the ambiance of the laid-back environment, there is a full-time cantina offering many drinks.

-Indian Pass Raw Bar. There is a neighborhood hangout feel associated with Indian Pass Raw BarHere, you can find beer, oysters, and other seafood in a relaxed, self-serve atmosphere.

-No Name Cafe. This easygoing cafe offers a serene environment surrounded by the comfort of books. At No Name Cafeyou will be offered drinks, and light fare in a comfortable space alongside reading nooks.


What to Do in Port St. Joe

-Visit in September and stop by to check out the seasonal Port St. Joe Scallop, Music and Arts Festival. 

-Enjoy the stunning scenery of the beach on horseback with Rockin M Ranch

-Get some holes and book tee time at the St. James Bay Golf Course


4. St. George Island 

This barrier island is serene and a conveniently short distance from the Florida coast. St. George Island is the perfect spot for fishing, hiking, and biking, a picture-perfect place for outdoor junkies. This destination is perfect for young families, and perfect for exploring by golf cart as it is less than 30 miles long!


Where to Eat on St. George Island 

-Paddy's Raw Bar. This upbeat waterfront restaurant embraces all that St. George Island is. Paddy's Raw Bar has daily live entertainment, along with a variety of freshly caught seafood and draft beers.

-Blue Parrot Oceanfront Cafe. This oceanfront eatery has an easygoing environment that is family-friendly with a stunning view. Tropical drinks along with a tiki backdrop can be found at the Blue Parrot Oceanfront Cafe offers outdoor seating along with the best seafood St. George Island has to offer.

-Harry A's. This restaurant is busy in its setting, hosting karaoke, DJs, and live music. Harry A's is casual with an outdoor seating option. For those who are land lovers of food, they offer steak as well as a wide selection of seafood. There is a cocktail menu that pairs nicely with any entree you want.


What to Do on St. George Island 

-The perfect place for a picnic with family or friends, as well as an evening cookout is at the St. George Island State Park

-Rent a golf cart and explore the quaint town of St. George Island in style and fun!

-For some afternoon shopping after lunch, check out Seaside Cotton


5. Cape San Blas 

A 17-mile peninsula that is an extension of St. Port Joe between the stunning scenery of the Gulf of Florida and St. Joseph Bay is where you can find the quiet beaches of Cape San Blas. For a weekend or a lifetime of seclusion and relaxation. Here you will find endless water activities, sandy beautiful beaches, and many wonderful places to eat.


Where to Eat in Cape San Blas 

-Shipwreck Raw Bar. This laidback restaurant has the theme of a ship as its setting. At Shipwreck Raw Bar you can find shrimp, oysters, and other seafood served alongside beer and wine to bring out the flavors of the sea.

-Skully's Low Country Boil. Posing as a Southern-style restaurant, you will find that the best item on the menu at Skully's Low Country Boil is the southern style boil. Here,  you can find a mix of fresh-caught seafood such as shrimp, and oysters alongside other items on the menu like Cajun-style smoked sausage.

-Long Bills. The freshest Gulf of Mexico seafood, Long Bills is a family-friendly restaurant and atmosphere. Paired with an oceanside dining view of white sandy beaches, this restaurant specializes in many other food items to offer than seafood for those who want land-loving food.


What to Do in Cape San Blas 

-Explore the tranquil sandy beaches on rented horseback with Broke-A-Toe rental.

-Find fun late-night beach bonfires with Going Coastal Cabanas and More

-Explore the beauty and history of the Cape San Blas Lighthouse with a hike


For further information on the top five places to live and explore on the Forgotten Coast, check out our website.



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Jan. 9, 2023

5 Creative Financing Strategies in Real Estate Investment

5 Creative Financing Strategies in Real Estate Investment

An issue, like many in today's age of investing, real estate investors are facing is how to fund their real estate investments.
There are two common ways for investors to purchase their first investment property:

  1. All-cash Transactions
  2. Traditional Bank Loan

These two methods are acceptable ways to finance a purchase, however, they aren't always the best options. Instead, there are alternative solutions to secure capital that can be an excellent way to scale business, while expanding your investment portfolio. Utilizing creative financing strategies will provide you with the ability to secure deals that can be missed out on.

More: How to Avoid Home Buyer Remorse

What is Creative Financing? 

The term creative financing refers to distinctive methods and strategies for securing funds and/or capital to purchase real estate investments. While traditional financing options are provided by financial institutions, banks, and mortgage lenders, with creative financing we see an investor having access to funding in several creative ways.

Continue to read to find 5 creative financing strategies in real estate investment.

1. Seller Financing 

Considered one of the easiest ways to acquire investment properties is through seller financing, without the use of banks or lenders. As long as the seller owns the property and it is clear of any mortgages, this option is wide open. For the use of seller financing, both the investor and seller will simply work out the purchase price as well as the terms of the financing agreement, with the investor agreeing to pay the seller until the purchase is complete. In many instances, an investor can enter the agreement with no downpayment, acquiring the property for next to nothing.

2. Hard Money 

Hard money is a common funding source for real estate investors as this is mainly asset-based, meaning the lender will review the subject property to decide on your loan. This can be a wonderful option for investors that face difficulty qualifying for a traditional bank loan, whether it is due to personal financial history or credit scores. The approval process is considered much easier, with access to funds being much faster than a conventional loan. Hard money lenders can provide an investor with funds in days, if not hours, compared to the weeks and months it can take when waiting for bank-approved funds.

3. Private Money 

Being under an umbrella of broad terminology, private money technically refers to anyone with access to funds they are willing to lend. For example, a friend, family member, or colleague that is willing to lend the money for an investment would be considered and categorized as private money. Private money lenders do not provide funding to multiple investors, instead, they tend to partner with one or two trusted investors to become the funding source for investors' deals.

4. STABBL Loans 

S.T.A.B.B.L refers to a short-term, asset-backed, bridge loan. A STABBL loan is a creative option for purchasing real estate investments. It is very similar to a hard money loan in that the loan is asset-based and secured by a mortgage. These types of loans often act as "bridge" loans for investors in that they can be accessed to secure investment purchases with the intent to cash out of a deal in less than 12 months. For those who are interested in fix-n-flip purchases, this lending option may be right for you as it allows the investor to use the lender's money to fund the purchase so money can fund the rehab. Once the property is fully remodeled and sold, the payoff on the loan is ready to restart the process.

5. Lease Options 

Known as rent-to-own purchases, lease options are easy ways to purchase investment properties without the use of bank approvals or lender involvement. Commonly confused with seller financing, it is different in that the seller will retain ownership of the property while acting as the landlord, with the investor acting as the renter. A portion of the lease or rent payment is applied to the agreed-upon purchase amount for the property. The investor is not obligated to purchase the property, as there is only the standing option to purchase. This is an easy strategy to negotiate with a seller that is looking to receive monthly payments to maintain control of the property while it is being purchased.

For more information on creative financing strategies and understanding how to utilize them to your benefit, check out our website!  For more local information on St. George Island real estate and fun spots to visit on Florida's Forgotten Coast, contact us at any time


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Dec. 26, 2022

A Modern Take on Coastal Decorating for your Home

A Modern Take on Coastal Decorating for your Home

There are many versions of coastal styles, and the most popular one we will see trending in 2023 is the modern coastal interior design. This design style is light, minimal, and fresh, incorporating a mix of a related beach house and classic Hampton styles. Drawing inspiration from organic colors and textures of nature, it suffices to say that contemporary coastal decor may include light woods, baskets, natural fiber rugs, woven light fixtures, and various shades of blues, grays, whites, and neutrals, with the added addition of easy-care textiles such as cotton and fabric. Continue to read to find a few modern coastal-style home trends to keep an eye out for in 2023.

Formal Dining Rooms

A classic trend starting to reemerge is the inclusion of formal, or formal-esque dining rooms. Coastal-style homes have seen guests and owners spending much of their social time outside, with both parties being active at the beach, or frequenting town, rarely spending time indoors around the dinner table. This behavior about eating outside over indoors is quickly changing, as enjoying the view is something you can acquire when eating in your dining room as well. This is why you can expect to see more people using their dining rooms in the next year and decorating them more formally.

Fewer Outdoor Decorations

A second trend you can expect to see more of in the new year is minimal outdoor decoration and outdoor landscaping. Living on the coast means the natural landscape is something to emphasize when decorating your home. All you need in your outdoor space are chairs to enjoy the view with well-maintained lawns and trees. Anything more will cloud your view and turn your home into a maze of decorations people have to pick their way through to get to the beach.

Minimalist Kitchens

Sticking to the last point, people understand that minimalism is the best way to go to appreciate their environment. The same philosophy can extend into the kitchen. Past coastal decorations in homes embraced the idea of bringing the beach and coastal living into their home, with walls featuring seashells, ocean prints, or pictures of coral, fish, dolphins, etc... Homeowners are starting to embrace minimalism because it emphasizes the beauty of where you are living instead of making your space feel overdone and cliche.

Rustic Style

Many homeowners have started to embrace more rustic and natural features in their decorating, alongside minimalism. This is great for accentuating the finer details, requiring them to be broken up here and there for the space to feel cohesive and inviting. The homiest decorations you can include to achieve this are rustic furniture pieces, and natural wood elements. For example, a rustic table or chair set can bring character to a space. This is also known as Coastal Grandmother Style.

Keep an eye out for these coastal-style home trends next year so you can end up ahead of the curve. People love coastal homes and the way they look, but waterfront living can be less fun if you don't refresh your style from time to time.

For more local information on coastal design trends, check out our website.


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Dec. 19, 2022

Top 3 Unforgettable Antique Shops on the Forgotten Coast

As a kid, going treasure hunting was a part of growing up. Getting outdoors with your grandpa's old metal detector and searching for lost goods was a wonderful time to spend the hot summer months. Antique stores are the same; as the earth houses lost treasures, so too do antique shops. And you generally don't need a metal detector when you go browsing either!Top 3 Unforgettable Antique Shops on the Forgotten Coast

Some of the best reasons to get down to the antique store are for the thrift, value, and appreciation of quality. Rediscovering parts of our past when learning about history in ways that can be quite surprising are what antique stores are all about. Continue to read to find some of the most unforgettable antique shops, large and small, on the Forgotten Coast.

1. The Tin Shed Nautical & Antiques 

Located in Apalachicola, FL on the Forgotten Coast, The Tin Shed Nautical & Antiques houses a wide variety of fun and unique findings. Known as the most comprehensive maritime collection east of the Mississippi, they sure aren't going to disappoint with all of the treasures they have stored away! Some of these findings can be located on their page and include the following:

  1. Locks, Keys & More
  2. Maps & Flags
  3. Shells & More
  4. Ship Wheels & Floats
  5. Signs
  6. Statues
  7. Wood Carvings

Some other featured items include some wonderful apparel, including Forgotten Coast "Postcard" shirts, Tin Shed Nautical hats, and the Tin Shed Nautical t-shirt.

2. The Shop 

Located in historic downtown Apalachicola, FL, The Shop is a place of This and That, and has everything to offer everyone! Full of a great, colorful summer collection of Tagua necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. The shop also features vegan, organic lightweight jewelry, as well as other vintage pieces and handcrafted items, gifts, candles, home decor, and more!

Bay Breeze Antiques 

Located in Port St. Joe, FL in the center of downtown, Bay Breeze Antiques specializes in unique beautiful home decor and furniture. Here, you will find a wide selection of authentic nautical antiques from shipwrecks of the past. Some of the fun findings have been restored to stunning brilliance, and these include:

  1. Wicker Bedroom Set
  2. Kitchen Table Set
  3. Chairs
  4. Pantry Cases
  5. Buffet/Wet Bar

Christie's Cottage Living 

Located in downtown Carrabelle, FL, Christie's Cottage Living prides itself on having any unique piece you are looking for. This antique shop has beach and cottage-style furnishings, jewelry, and antiques, as well as ten additional new shops within the store. Here, you will find fine shopping along the coast with the coast in mind!

For more information on antique shops on the Forgotten Coast, check out our website.


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Dec. 12, 2022

8 Best Kept Secrets for Selling Your Home on the Forgotten Coast

Selling your home can be challenging all on its own, much less selling without any helpful tips and tricks! Continue to read to find great selling secrets we can swear by to get your house on the market!

Selling Secret #1: Price it Right8 Best Kept Secrets for Selling Your Home on the Forgotten Coast

Start by finding out what your home is worth, then shave 15 to 20 percent off the price. You will be stampeded by potential buyers with multiple bids, and they'll bid up the price over what it's worth. Most sellers just don't want to risk it, but this can be the single best strategy to sell a home in today's market!

Selling Secret #2: Half-empty Closets

Storage is something that is appealing, and that every buyer is looking for and can never have enough of! Take half of your personal belongings out of your closet and neatly organize what is left in the space. Buyers are sure to snoop, so be sure to keep all your closets and cabinets clean and tidy.

Selling Secret #3: Light it Up

Lighting is the most important thing when it comes to selling your home. Maximize the lights in your home, as it is the one thing nearly every buyer cites that they want in a home. Take down the drapes, clean the windows, and change the lampshades. Increase the wattage of your light bulbs and cut the bushes outside to let in sunshine. Do whatever it is you feel you need to do to make your home bright and cheery because it sure will make it more sellable.

Selling Secret #4: Play the Agent Field

A secret sale killer is hiring the wrong agent. Make sure you have someone who is well informed, as they have to constantly monitor the multiple listing service, know what properties are going on the market, and have knowledge about the comps in your neighborhood. Embracing technology and utilizing it can get your house sold.

Selling Secret #5: Conceal the Critters

You couldn't be blamed for thinking a cuddly dog would warm the hearts of potential buyers, but you may be wrong. Not everybody is a dog or cat lover. Buyers don't want to walk into your home and see a bowl full of feed for your pet, a kitty litter, or find tufts of hair stuck to their clothes. It will give buyers the impression that your house is not clean. If you are planning on having an open house, send the critters to a pet hotel for the day, or find a willing sitter.

Selling Secret #6: Don't Over-Upgrade

A few quick fixes before selling your home will always pay off. A mammoth makeover may not always work in your best interest. There is always the possibility of not getting your money back if you do a huge improvement project before putting your house on the market. Do updates that will pay off and get you top dollar. A new fresh coat of paint on the walls can work to your benefit. Cleaning curtains or buying inexpensive ones and replacing door handles and hardware are great improvements to your home without having to spend above and beyond.

Selling Secret #7: Take the Home out of Your House

An important thing to do when selling your house is to depersonalize it. The more personal your home appears the less potential buyers can imagine themselves living there. Rid yourself of your stuff- put the nonessentials in storage. Consider hiring a home stager to help maximize the full potential of your home. Staging means rearranging your furniture to best showcase the floor plan and maximize the use of your space.

Additional: What about selling for cash? Can you sell a home for cash? - Resource by Bill Gassett

Selling Secret #8: Always Be Ready to Show

Your home needs to be "show-ready" at all times, as you never know when your buyer is going to walk through the door. You must be available whenever potential buyers want to come and see the place, and it should be kept in tip-top shape. Don't leave dishes in the sink, and keep the bathrooms sparkling. Make sure there are no dust bunnies in the corners. It may be a little inconvenient to live like this, but it will get your house sold faster.

For more local tips, tricks, and information on selling your home, check out our website.

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How Neighbors Have Inhibited Home Sales and How to Navigate It

Don't Fix These 7 Things Before Listing a Home


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Dec. 5, 2022

Storage Tips To Help Maintain Food Freshness

It’s easy to throw food straight into the fridge once you get home from the store. But extending the life of your produce and assorted goods begins at the store. While picking out the perfect pieces of produce, steer clear of mold, soft spots, bruising and blemishes to make the goods last longer. Of course, if you’re going to eat them right away, a little defect won’t hurt.

With trips to the supermarket costing more these days, it pays to know about proper food storage. Follow these tips and others like them to help get the most out what you buy and reduce food waste.

Graphic created by The Container Store. For more local information on Apalachicola, Florida, events, and the Forgotten Coast, check out our website!

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Nov. 30, 2022

Celebrating the Holidays on the Forgotten Coast

With the holidays now in full swing, you can bet that there is nothing quite like celebrating Christmas on the Forgotten Coast. Continue to read to find five fantastic ways to get into the holiday spirit with festive events found in Port St. Joe and Apalachicola.

Apalachicola Historical Downtown Christmas CelebrationCelebrating the Holidays on the Forgotten Coast

When: November 27
Time: 4 pm-8 pm
Where: Apalachicola Riverfront Park

Head down the Saturday after celebrating Thanksgiving to Apalachicola's Historic Downtown Christmas Celebration! Once there you will find an old-fashioned gathering of shoppers, Santa seekers, and those looking to toast the holiday season. You and your family will find the streets lined with luminaries and filled with the holiday spirit, while the merchants will be open late.

Holiday Fresh Market- Apalachicola 

When: December 5
Time: 10 am-4 pm
Where: Apalachicola Visitor Center

Support many local artisans at the open-air Holiday Fresh Market full of unique wares in the charming downtown location of Apalachicola. Here, you will find handcrafted specialties such as baked goods, artwork, wood carvings, pottery, jewelry, and some hand-knitted goods at the festive outdoor market.

Christmas in the Garden- Port St. Joe 

When: December 5
Time: 9 am-3 pm
Where: 216 8th Street

Kick off the holiday season down at the Port St. Joe Garden Club with a free event. Find unique hand-made gifts, homemade baked treats, and special Forgotten Coast Christmas decor, as well as the option to get professional holiday photos for family and pets.

Holiday Lights Extravaganza- Port St. Joe 

When: December 17
Time: 9 pm
Where: 150 Captain Fred's Place

There is nothing like twinkling lights to get you in the mood for celebrating Christmas. Tour select Gulf County homes and select businesses to view the sparkle of coastal Christmas at the Holiday Lights Extravaganza. You can download and pick up your map.

Forgotten Coast Festival of Trees Opening Reception & Annual Festival- Port St. Joe  

When: November 18- December 10
Time: Check Various Times on the Website for Different Days
Where: The Joe Center for the Arts

Let's kick off the holiday season and help create the wonder of Christmas. Celebrate the Festival of Trees Festival with displays, music, and activities for all ages. Auctions and raffles are added fun, with gorgeous displays of trees and wreaths.

For more local information on Holiday Activities along the Forgotten Coast, check out our website.


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Nov. 16, 2022

Home Design Tips To Stimulate The Senses

Our lives are tremendously influenced by our senses, even when we don’t realize it. As we spend so much time at home, it only makes sense to incorporate interior design elements meant to stimulate all five senses. Here are two approaches you can use to craft an immersive interior design experience you’ll love coming home to each day.

For instance, food-themed artwork can appeal to both sight and taste simultaneously. When we see a photo of our favorite dishes or paintings of ingredients in their natural state, it stirs thoughts of comfort, security or maybe even indulgence. Add in intentional aromas to this strategy and it could bring an all-encompassing enterprise to life.

For additional design tips on engaging each of the five senses, please see the accompanying resource.

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