Decluttering Projects You Can Do in 15 Minutes or Less

One of the best things you can do to help get your home ready to sell is to get it as clean and tidy as possible. One of the best ways to present your home as clean is for it to be clutter-free. When many people hear the word decluttering, they usually don’t get excited. But here are some ways that you can declutter your home in just 15 minutes or less to help get it ready for potential buyers to come to see it.

Shower products

A high point of interest in a home to most buyers is the bathroom, especially the en-suite bathroom in the primary or master bedroom. Having too many products lying about the bathroom gives it the feel that there is not enough space to store the essentials. This is especially true if there are more products than shelf space in the shower.

You can quickly de-clutter all of those extra products out of your shower. Start by pulling everything out of the shower and placing them into an empty sink. Consider tossing away any products that haven’t been used in a couple of weeks and then storing any items that don’t neatly fit onto the shower shelves into a cabinet.

If you have some products that you tried but do not like, consider giving them away to someone that might like to try them. Some stores will take back partially used items that you don’t love like Bath and Body Works.

The laundry room

This is another frequently used area in the home and as such will gain a lot of interest from a home buyer. The most appealing of laundry rooms are those that feel like they have plenty of storage options to keep a room that can quickly become cluttered and messy neat and organized. Buyers want to see a room where they feel they would be excited to do laundry instead of like it is a burden.

Do a quick check over your laundry room to see if there are any empty bottles of cleaner in there. Grab anything that was randomly pulled out of laundry pockets before it was put in the machine and put away. Consider grabbing a few decorative bins to place on shelves for your remaining products so that they seem neatly organized yet also neatly tucked away.

And then finish up by giving the place a good wipe down and the floor a good sweeping.

The entry

The area right by the front door is commonly used as a drop zone in many homes, especially in homes with children. Go through your entry quickly and recycle any junk mail, hang up all the coats, and put away any items that may have been dropped as soon as someone returned home to their rightful place.

If your coat closet seems to be overflowing or your hooks are holding too many coats consider boxing them up to use after you move if they are out of season. You could also store coats that are taking up just a little more room making the space feel overwhelmed in the bedroom closet of the person that owns the coat.

By taking on small areas at a time, decluttering the home to get it ready to sell doesn’t have to feel so overwhelming. It could turn into a series of very small bursts of activity that feel easy to accomplish.

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