The coast brings forth its elements of style, and you don't need to live on the coast to bring forth a coastal feeling to your home. Find inspiration in soft hues from the shore and fabrics in patterns to mix and match. The blues of the sea match with the pops of coral, while sandy tones provide balance. Layered rugs and bright trim make a space feel more casual, bringing a coastal feel that is just perfect for entertaining.Bring Timeless Style to Your Coastal Home 2024 Trends

Use these tips we have curated that define today's beautiful beach houses.

Vernacular Architecture

Each region has a particular vocabulary when it comes to the style of a home, many developed to withstand climate challenges whilst playing on the area's strengths. Stylistic elements have a way of migrating to mix with other vernaculars. From glass and cedar facades of coastal living.

Formal Dining Room

In the past age of open floor plans, we say the rules of dining hubs are loose. Whether it be a separate room or a nook off the kitchen. Wallpaper or wainscot are popular and add room-defining character, as does the addition of trim and wall art.

Deep-Seating Outdoor Furniture

Deep-seating furniture extends seat depth by two to four inches, making this a particularly cozy adjustment to outdoor idylls. Deep-seated counterparts measure between 24-25 inches, making watching the setting sun far more comfortable.

Minimal Hardscape

The coastal landscape rule of thumb is that the blue water of the ocean and natural greenery reign supreme. This is why when it comes to hardscape, you should consider using a light hand. For example, pool paves are slim enough paths that nearly disappear leaving the guests plenty of room to graze.

Add Character to the Kitchen

The past few years have seen a crush of modern kitchens with an endless suite of bells and whistles. Character is an enduring innovation, especially when added to the busiest room in the house. For example, graphic tile as a wall splash gives the kitchen a mod sense of place that is coastal cool.

Retro-Chic Appliances

Bring back nostalgic appliances as a throwback that adds a touch of cool to your kitchen. Bonus points for the old-school metal table fan. Think of a powder blue Smeg fridge to lend a kitchen timelessness.

Warm Wood Backsplash

Whitewashed wood paneling has been a popular look in the past. Pair this with a herringbone pattern and you will find that your area's walls have now been cozied up behind open shelving in your kitchen. Our recommendation? Ditch the white paint and go with a natural wood look. Wood is clean and simple, allowing the kitchen a rather unexpected twist, and adding to the beachy look you want without overpowering the area.

Layer Rugs

Layering rugs such as a natural-fiber rug with an antique rug brings forth feelings of warmth by adding color and texture to an area. Sizing them so that the top layer is a foot smaller on all sides ensures easiness when you are ready to switch up your decor with a simple swap out.

Copper Details

For both interior and exterior fixtures, lighting, and hardware, copper is a beach house all-star! It is great for roofs as it is a long-lasting metal, requiring less maintenance, and copper's a timeworn patina as a character-builder. If you wish for an aged look? Look for copper with a verdigris finish if you want an aged look without the wait.

Play With Neutrals

Brighten up any area with the basics. Soft hues found along the shoreline—sand, seashells, etc.— are as fitting as foundation colors as they are as accents. Earth tones such as light pinks, dark greens, and calm blues are great for walls or on larger upholstered pieces, like sofas, or tables.

Add a Bombshell Bar

Cocktail hour at the beach is not a shrinking violet. The addition of having a bar in a prominent gathering room brings forth a calm to any amount of guests you are hosting. Whether it is a stylish bar car or a built-in cocktail station, hosting duties can be cut down. We recommend spicing your area up with local art, quirky curiosities, or vintage glassware.

For more tips on how to spice up your home to bring forth the air of beach house living, contact your Forgotten Coast Realtor.