A Modern Take on Coastal Decorating for your Home

There are many versions of coastal styles, and the most popular one we will see trending in 2023 is the modern coastal interior design. This design style is light, minimal, and fresh, incorporating a mix of a related beach house and classic Hampton styles. Drawing inspiration from organic colors and textures of nature, it suffices to say that contemporary coastal decor may include light woods, baskets, natural fiber rugs, woven light fixtures, and various shades of blues, grays, whites, and neutrals, with the added addition of easy-care textiles such as cotton and fabric. Continue to read to find a few modern coastal-style home trends to keep an eye out for in 2023.

Formal Dining Rooms

A classic trend starting to reemerge is the inclusion of formal, or formal-esque dining rooms. Coastal-style homes have seen guests and owners spending much of their social time outside, with both parties being active at the beach, or frequenting town, rarely spending time indoors around the dinner table. This behavior about eating outside over indoors is quickly changing, as enjoying the view is something you can acquire when eating in your dining room as well. This is why you can expect to see more people using their dining rooms in the next year and decorating them more formally.

Fewer Outdoor Decorations

A second trend you can expect to see more of in the new year is minimal outdoor decoration and outdoor landscaping. Living on the coast means the natural landscape is something to emphasize when decorating your home. All you need in your outdoor space are chairs to enjoy the view with well-maintained lawns and trees. Anything more will cloud your view and turn your home into a maze of decorations people have to pick their way through to get to the beach.

Minimalist Kitchens

Sticking to the last point, people understand that minimalism is the best way to go to appreciate their environment. The same philosophy can extend into the kitchen. Past coastal decorations in homes embraced the idea of bringing the beach and coastal living into their home, with walls featuring seashells, ocean prints, or pictures of coral, fish, dolphins, etc... Homeowners are starting to embrace minimalism because it emphasizes the beauty of where you are living instead of making your space feel overdone and cliche.

Rustic Style

Many homeowners have started to embrace more rustic and natural features in their decorating, alongside minimalism. This is great for accentuating the finer details, requiring them to be broken up here and there for the space to feel cohesive and inviting. The homiest decorations you can include to achieve this are rustic furniture pieces, and natural wood elements. For example, a rustic table or chair set can bring character to a space. This is also known as Coastal Grandmother Style.

Keep an eye out for these coastal-style home trends next year so you can end up ahead of the curve. People love coastal homes and the way they look, but waterfront living can be less fun if you don't refresh your style from time to time.

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