Cape San Blas is a narrow stretch of land that extends from Port St. Joe-only a 20-minute drive-and finishes in a curve around St. Joseph Bay. Known primarily for its soft, sugary white sands and crystal clear blue-green water, Cape San Blas is a stunning secluded location with breathtaking sights. This destination is a world unto itself, offering a more relaxed take on the Emerald Coast experience. Continue to read to find 10 reasons why moving to Cape San Blas, FL is the right decision for you!

1. Extraordinary Scenery10 Reasons to Move to Cape San Blas, FL

No matter the season or time of day, it is difficult not to be in awe of the area's beautiful backdrop. Cape San Blas is known for its white beaches, pristine waters, and clear blue skies. The sunsets themselves are particularly impressive, inspiring you to set aside time to find your way to the beach and enjoy the sight of the sky melting into the horizon.

2. The Best Beach

Cape San Blas is regularly rated among the top 10 beaches in the US. Not only are the beaches themselves a scene from a movie, but they are truly well suited for a long day spent with loved ones. Because of the seclusion that Cape San Blas offers seclusion, there is no need to worry about the crowds that pervade many other Florida beaches. Many local beaches are pet-friendly, so you can bring your fuzzy friends along. You will want nothing more than to soak up the sun or play in the warm waves. No matter how you define beach-based fun, there is sure a lot of it to go around at this location.

3. Fun on the Water

Get your blood pumping with a variety of water-based activities that will change your view on Cape San Blas. Though it is secluded, don't let that deter your opinion on the fun that this area can offer. Local kayak and canoe rental shops offer everything you will need to safely adventure in St. Joseph Bay. Don't pass up Happy Oursa shop that offers paddleboard rentals, and guided snorkeling trips to view the wonderful marine life up close and personal!

4. Fishing

With its many piers, Cape San Blas is an ideal fishing destination. Visit the bay early in the morning for a great angling experience! Later in the day, head on over to the T.H. Stone Memorial St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, and don't miss out on catching some flounder, whiting, and speckled trout! For those who wish to be shown the experience, take advantage of some of the area's top charter companies.

5. Adventures on Land

If you love being outdoors, but don't want to spend all of your time on the beach, you are sure to be impressed by the large range of land-based recreational opportunities available to you! Check out the Loggerhead Run Bike Traila great way to explore Cape San Blas on two wheels, located between the St. Joseph Peninsula State Park and Salinas Park. Local stables can make your dream of riding the beach on horseback come true! If your interests are in the sky, birders can find a variety of species at the beach and local parks!

6. A Taste of Florida & Dining Opportunities

Cape San Blas is known to its locals for its "Old Florida" vibes. This area is famous for having less of a touristy feel than other areas found in Florida. Ditch your usual chain-owned restaurant and find a local-owned dining establishment. Are you a huge fan of seafood? You're in luck! Skully's Low Country Boil is among the top picks in Cape San Blas, with fresh catches found off the Gulf. Peachy's Beach Eats and the Indian Pass Raw Bar (located in nearby Port St. Joe) are great hits among the locals.
Not a fan of seafood? That's okay! Get some pizza and other specialties at the Scallop Cove General StoreTry some BBQ at the Sand Bucket Smokehouse & GrillAnd for an after-dinner treat, find some ice cream at Cone Heads. 

7. Friendly People

Cape San Blas is a destination where you will feel as if you have arrived at your long-lost home. Locals here are notorious for being friendly, as are fellow tourists. The lack of crowding lends itself to building strong connections. There are great opportunities to find new friends around every corner from the beach to the general store.

8. Great Schooling

There are amazing schools located near Cape San Blas, FL in Port St. Joseph. Of course, there are a few private schools servicing grades k-12 that are high ranking, such as the Faith Christain School. There are many elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and even a community college to choose from. With the location, these schools are set in, each one is sure to please anyone looking to put their children into school.

9. Peace and Quiet

Cape San Blas is far from touristy, though it is truly a dream come true. Being here is your opportunity to relax, whether it is on the beach or at the park without dealing with the hustle and bustle of busier areas. Even during peak season, the sense of serenity found at Cape San Blas is unparalleled.

10. Fair Housing

Though Cape San Blas is known predominantly known for its pet-friendly vacation rentals. But little do you know, many of the homes are located right on the beachfront. The average price of housing at Cape San Blas is $793K, with the lowest price at $69K. The highest price point of some of these luxury homes is $3.2M.

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