Appearance is the heart of a vacation rental and we are not talking about those rip-off furnishings or fake arts that can be seen through by modern high-end travelers. What actually differentiates and makes a vacation rental "luxury"? Appearance is not everything in a vacation rental. While it does help attract high-value bookings, what sets it apart from other vacation rentals are three basic elements.What Makes a Vacation Rental “Luxury”?


To attract high-end travelers or high-value bookings, your vacation rental ought to strongly display exclusivity. What this means is that your exclusive property or vacation rental should not market and distribute to every site but instead think about the top 1%. Take the example of branded fashion industries like Loui Vuitton or Gucci. They hand-picked selected collections rather than mass-produced products that are generic.

That being said, vacation rentals are no different. High-end travelers opt for a luxury vacation rental instead of generic hotels to feel a sense of a one-of-a-kind vacation rental experience.


Think about your niche market? Once you’ve thought about and selected your niche for your vacation rental, the very next step is to customize and personalize their stay by understanding the needs of the guests. 

  1. Will the guest be traveling alone or accompanied? Will there be any expected guests or visitors?
  2. Does the guest have any food preferences or requests? Any dietary restrictions or allergies?
  3. Will any special events will take place such as birthdays, honeymoons, etc.?
  4. What do these guests typically enjoy during their stay?
  5. What are these guests' preferences? Relaxation or Fun?
  6. Any particular request?

Take note, high-end travelers work with travel agents. Therefore, take advantage of the travel agents as your point of contact and customize their stay accordingly which will help outshine guest satisfaction.


If we think about it, luxury travel does not only mean the property itself but the hands-on experience gained by the guest. It is far beyond material wealth. It is the moment of being there, experiencing it, and building that moment while making it your one-of-a-kind travel experience.

Vacation rentals are marketed and distributed in many sales channels. This means that the more exposure you get, the more potential guests and the more bookings you'll receive. But of course, this theory is not the best practice for luxury vacation rentals. Experiences do not mean expensive.

It simply means going far and beyond delivered by trained and professional staff. Moreover, personalized experiences should be exclusive; in other words, one-of-a-kind. Therefore, design a unique experience that is not available to the masses. Consider collaborating with local artists or brands around the area. That way, you can create an authentic experience for your guests just as expected for luxury rentals to be of a high standard and a higher level of service.  Moreover, guest communications should far and beyond expectations. 

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