One of the last things a homeowner wants to hear is that they have water damage in their roof. Homeowners usually can't anticipate water damage on their roofs without seeing signs of water damage  Homeowners need to pay attention to these warning signs and get the necessary repairs done to ensure the problem doesn’t aggravate. To help, in this blog post, we discuss some telltale signs of roof damage.

Water Damage On A RoofWhat Homeowners Should Know About Water Damage on the Roof

Water Spots

Water spots on the roof ceiling will indicate a leak or potential water damage. When you see this, it doesn't mean you know the origin of the leak, which can be challenging to find. Oftentimes, slow leaks are a lot more challenging to find than a big leak. Slow leaks usually migrate from an opening and travel from that pinpoint. It is important to work with a professional roofing repair company to have your roof inspected. A roofer will be able to find the source of your leak and provide a solution to repair the damage.


Your gutters are extremely important and can be damaged by rain and storms. If you notice your roof losing shingles then you will need to replace the granules on our roof. Damage to shingles can be visible. You will see smooth or bald spots. Check your manufacturer warranty and contact a professional roofing company to assess the extent of your shingle damage and repair or replace them.

Cracking Shingles

As shingles age, they can loosen and crack. This happens because of their exposure to sunlight. Over time the exposure will make shingles turn brittle. The UV radiation is what damages shingles from the inside and this leads to the cracking. This cracking can lead to water leaks that may cause water damage. If you notice any cracks in our roofing you want to contact a roofing professional immediately.

Wood Decking

Any wood decking that is soft or soggy can indicate longstanding water damage. Water damage can cause decking to rot and this will leave your roof susceptible to potential leaks in the future. If you notice water spots on your deck you want to have it checked out and repaired as quickly as possible.

Exterior of Walls

If you notice water spots on the walls that could indicate damage to the roof flashing, which is where the roof meets the wall. Flashing can become loose or rust over time due to rainwater or water spots. When you replace the step flashing you can prevent from this being a long-standing issue. You want to make sure you have this taken care of quickly and by a professional roofing company.

In Conclusion

Roofing systems deteriorate over time just like any other home system. This is due to exposure to weather and other outdoor elements. Sometimes this damage can seem to have very little impact but over time if it isn't used, it can create much larger issues and lead to costly repairs.

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