When visiting Mexico Beach, FL you will come to find that it is a nature lover's paradise. It is a place for those that enjoy the following: swimming, fishing, shelling, boating, diving, kayaking, surfing, eco-tours, shopping, and parasailing. There are numerous species of birds that call Mexico Beach their home, including bald eagles, osprey, pelicans, and other species of egrets and herons. Five species of turtles inhabit the beaches, including loggerhead, green, leatherback, Kemp's Ridley, and hawksbill. It isn't uncommon to spot pods of dolphins feeding and playing in local waters, as they dive through the waters year-round. If you are looking for that perfect souvenir, or some fun places to visit to enjoy the scenery, continue to read this article to find 10 things to do when visiting Mexico Beach, FL. 

Paddling & Swimming Nature Lover's Guide to Enjoying Mexico Beach, FL

A great way to explore all that Mexico Beach has to offer is from sea level. To best explore wild Florida, whether it is paddling a kayak, a canoe, or a stand-up paddleboard, you can take your pick of rivers, canals, lakes, and bays. There are several outfitter and guide services that provide both rentals and guided eco-tours that are led by professional naturalists. A few rental places to check out if you are in the area include:

  1. Barefoot Rental 
  2.  Mexico Beach Marina 

When visiting the warm waters surrounding Mexico Beach, it is only natural for swimmers to want to dive headfirst into the shimmering Gulf. A full-body workout is an option for you as swimming to the nearest sandbar and back is fairly easy to do when visiting the pristine beach. The city of Mexico Beach does not operate a warning flag system or utilize lifeguards as the dangers of riptides are not common in waters. 

Explore the Town in Laid Back Cars, Carts + Rentals 

Looking for a fun immersive way to explore the town of Mexico Beach, FL? Laid Back Cars, Carts + Rentals is a great source for street-legal LSV (Low-Speed Vehicles). The carts can be driven anywhere with a posted speed of 35 mph or less, and each car and cart delivered and picked up at your desired location. The fleet of brand new golf carts is ready for you to enjoy on your next beach vacation, whether it is on the sand, or around town. A few local places to eat when checking out Mexico Beach are:

  • Mango Marley'sThe coolest place on Mexico Beach, known for its Floribbean food, fun and rum. There is an arcade, full bar, and delicious food. Some featured menu items include fresh seafood catches, with baskets of fried shrimp, fish and shrimp, and grilled fish. For land lovers, there are various burgers such as the Pepper Jack Philly, Hang 10 Mahi burger, and the Mushroom and Swiss.
  • Killer SeafoodThis little restaurant is for seafood-shack eats, from grilled shrimp to fish tacos to fried shrimp baskets, in down-home digs. There is outdoor seating for those wanting to enjoy the beach and the scenery.
  • Shell ShackThe Shell Shack is known to serve the best local seafood in Mexico Beach since 1965, offering fresh steamed fish and shrimp. They also serve as a seafood market.


Because Mexico Beach offers easy access to amazing dive sites, it is a wonderful destination for scuba diving, snorkeling, and spearfishing. The waters are home to natural reefs, artificial reefs, and historically significant shipwreck sites. The Mexico Beach Artificial Reef Association (MBARA) developed an artificial reef system in 1997 offshore from Mexico Beach, with the organization having three functions: 

  1. Conservation and environmental improvement of natural and artificial reef systems in and near Mexico Beach, FL. 
  2. Evaluation and research of artificial designs, fish production, and biomass development. 
  3. Helping aid in the education of the public about the importance of reefs to the marine ecosystem and the impact on coastal communities. 

Historic Shipwreck Dives 

-The Empire Mica 

The Empire Mica was a British steam tanker that, on June 29, 1942, was attacked and eventually sunk by the German U-boat U-67. This ship now lies 105 feet of water, the wreck offering scuba divers a world-class historical diving experience. 

-The Lumber Ship Vamar 

The Lumber Ship Vamar was historically known as the Eleanor Bolling and is currently 27 feet below water in the Bell Shoal area. The site is designated as a State Underwater Archaeological preserve and is accessible by both scuba divers and snorkelers alike, and is interestingly enough visible from the surface. 


The immediate environment of Mexico Beach is a hiker's paradise that offers miles of undeveloped coastline for long treks with family and friends along the beaches. Extensive longleaf pine forests occupy the area north of town, with more than a dozen state parks, conservancies, and managed areas in a short drive. You can see pods of dolphins from the shorelines, and when the tide drops, explore the shallow reefs and all of the sea life within. 

For more local information on the forgotten coast of Florida, and further investigating on things to do when visiting the beaches, check out our website or for all Mexico Beach Florida homes for sale.