Beachfront homes come in different styles, though they all share an easygoing, sand-and-sea-washed attitude. Whether your Forgotten Coast home may be more nautical or tropical, we hope these tips will help you find the best look, from color palette to porch furniture and landscaping. Continue to read to find the top curb appeal of beachfront living.

Nautical Details Nail Your Curb Appeal: Beachfront Living Style 101

Coastal homes have a long-time tradition of pulling elements from the seafaring history of the area. Homes along the Forgotten Coast are no different. You can never go wrong with weathered shingles, creamy white shutters, and a sea-inspired weather vane.

Sea and Sand Inspired Palette

Pulling your color palette from the landscape is a fantastic idea when it comes to styling your beachfront home. On Florida homes, a sandy hue on the siding is stunningly paired with a tropical blue on the door and/or shutters, and the porch ceiling. The tropical blues pulled from the palette of the ocean picked up in the tiled stair risers, while palms and tropical plants complete the picture.

Lighter Water Equals Lighter Blues 

If you live on the southern coast such as the Forgotten Coast of Florida, pick a lighter, tropical shade of blue—from turquoise to opal—for your accent color. Echoing the shades of the water will help give your beach house a strong sense of place against the natural elements.

Boardwalk Style Pathways 

If your home is close to the beach, it makes sense to borrow a page from the nearby boardwalks and use decking that floats above the sand leading to your stunning beachfront home. Even if your property is not oceanfront, you can still steal this look to bring more of the beach to your home for the perfect aesthetic look.

Summery Home Accents 

Living on the Forgotten Coast of Florida means you have tons of sun year-round, so we advise you to keep landscaping and details outside a beach house simple, with low-maintenance plantings. A screen door, a pair of white rockers on the porch, and a boardwalk path with lush greenery and flora sing summertime.

Easy Living Porch 

If your beach home has a deep porch, play it up with chunky outdoor furniture plush cushions, and a table to set your iced tea on. Keep the view from the street appealing by making a place to store wet bathing suits and beach towels around the side or back, out of the main view of the home. Provide an attractive storage container for quickly cleaning up beach toys.

Join the Neighborhood Lawn Club 

If your beachfront home is blessed with a large front or back lawn, make the most of it by lining up a row of Adirondack chairs where you can take in and appreciate the view or relax with a cold drink and watch the sunset. Remember the grass will die beneath the chairs, so if you don't want any brown patches or spots, shift the chairs regularly and continue to water your lawn.

Let Your Location Inspire the Landscape 

If you are not sure what grows well in your area, take a neighborhood walk and view what front yards stand out the best to you. Once you have a few possibilities, bring your photos to a local nursery and ask a staff member about which plants would do best in your coastal yard. Be honest about how much maintenance you are going to be willing to do, as with the right plant choices, you should be able to have a hands-off yard so you can have a more fun time at the beach!

Add a Personal Touch 

White outdoor curtains surrounding a porch, a custom-designed carved rock at the entrance of your home, or the name of your beach house or a mosaic house number are all good starters to the perfect personal touch to your home. Bringing a personal finishing touch to your beach-style home is the perfect means to decking out your dream beachfront home.

For more information on nailing your beachfront home curb appeal for the hottest house on the block, we recommend you start with this list and go from there.

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