Find the perfect rental house on the forgotten coast

Are you looking to plan a getaway to the beach to make for a great, timeless vacation? If the idea of squeezing you and your family into a 300-square-foot room at a traditional beach resort and competing with other seasonal vacationers to snag a spot on the beach sounds far from the relaxing vacation you seek. We all love a good resort vacation, but nothing can compare to the perfect beach house getaway with a group to have the best time of your life that will last well beyond the hours you are on the shore of the Forgotten Coast.

Continue to read to find all you need to know when searching for the perfect beach house rental in the Forgotten Coast of Florida.

The Difference Between Beachfront and Beach View

Location truly is everything. If you want to rent a beach house, location can strongly influence the experience and price. Beachfront houses are convenient, though they will cost far more than rentals a few streets or a short drive away. Decide how close you wish you and your group to be to the waves to have the best time. For those with mobility issues, babies, or toddlers, being right on the sand might be more important. If you are traveling with older kids or teens who can easily walk farther while helping haul beach gear, you might prefer to save the cash by staying at a beach-view house instead. If your beach location on the Forgotten Coast permits golf carts or similar on or near the beach, it leaves an easier way to stay a bit farther away while not trading too much of the convenience factor. Budgeting for a golf cart rental is likely much cheaper than paying to stay at a true beachfront home. If you dream of sipping your morning mimosa when watching the waves from your deck, then prioritize that.

Check the Cancellation Policy

Make sure that you read through carefully the rental's cancellation policy before clicking on the "book now" button. The perfect beach rental isn't as perfect if a hurricane hits and you have to cancel your entire trip. For this reason, you will need travel insurance, therefore making it important to read the fine print twice before charging a trip to your credit card.

Ask for the Exact Address

You may see beach house rentals described by how far they are from the water. Being 900 feet from the beach can mean you will see the water and access an easy path to get there. On the other hand, it can mean you can't see the beach at all and there is no easily accessible path to reach it. If that is the case, the beach may as well be miles away from your rental. Make sure you get the exact rental access from the owner of the property management company. You can use tools such as Google Maps Street View, or a similar program to get a feel for what it truly means in terms of beach views and access.

Recall Sand Management

The perfect beach house rental will come with thoughtful touches that make the overall experience pleasant. If you are planning on spending the majority of your time at the beach, you will find that means dealing with sand and water. If you are traveling with the whole family, you will deal with a lot of sand and water. The best beach houses come with outdoor showers where you can rinse off before stepping foot inside. There will also be plenty of places to hang wet swimsuits and towels so you don't get the inside of your rental dirty.

Consider Looking for a Pool

This will come down to your personal preference, budget, and priorities. Waves and sand make for great fun, but sometimes it can be amazing to enjoy the warm air and cool water without hauling your beach equipment with you and back. Having a private pool is a great alternative activity during the day, but it can also open up new ways to enjoy the after-dark hours safely, too. A nighttime swim or evening hot tub dip is always a five-star addition to your beach house rental. Make sure to keep in mind that on a blue-sky day, the ocean may have a red flag or even a double red flag warning, meaning you can't swim at the beach that day. This can be a huge bummer on a beach trip if you don't have a backup plan.

Consider Where Everyone Will Sleep

This is true for all home rentals, not just beach houses. However, many beach rentals may say they sleep 25+ though in reality, that number is only accurate if people are content sleeping in bunk beds or doubling up in full-or-queen-sized beds. It is important to take into consideration how many people are coming on the trip, and where they'll be comfortable sleeping and relaxing. If you have a crew of children, prioritize a property with fun bunk rooms. If you have multiple couples coming along, be wary of how many the house can comfortably sleep.

Bring Your Towels and Toys

At the beach, you will need towels, but you might want beach blankets, chairs, toys, umbrellas, or even a tent. If you don't want to be responsible for bringing all those amenities, look for listings that come with the beach towels and accessories you are after. This can be especially important if you are flying in or traveling with an already packed vehicle. It never hurts to double-check with the owner of the property you are renting from that the house comes with the beach accessories you need. You might be able to rent these items on the beach, so it always pays to talk to the local management company or owner to learn about the fine details.

Bottom Line

While there is never a guarantee, following all of these steps might ensure you the perfect beach house rental experience. If you are traveling around the Forgotten Coast, we recommend a cozy rental with a pool right on the water. Use these tips to find your amazing rental property.

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