Part of being a homeowner is taking steps to protect the home and everyone residing inside. To do that job well requires a good understanding of the dangers in the area and implementing safety measures to either prevent them or mitigate risk. To help, here are a few words of advice for homeowners on protecting their property and loved ones.

Another common concern plaguing homeowners are pests. Ranging from mosquitos in the backyard to termites in the floor, household pests may cause serious damage or make someone sick if left unaddressed. One of the top tips for pest deterrence is to install screens on the doors and windows if there aren’t any and to fill any cracks or holes in the exterior. Doing so makes it more difficult for them to get inside. Another recommendation is to fix any leaking pipes, appliances or faucets as a variety of pests are attracted to standing water.

Maintaining and properly securing your home takes work but, when all is said and done, it helps you to rest easier. For additional tips on protecting your home from outside threats, please see the accompanying resource.

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