Cape Coral is nicknamed the "Venice of America," located in the southwestern region of Florida. To its locals, Cape Coral is a beautiful and friendly area to live, with wonderful beaches just a walk away. Unlike it's much larger sisters, Miami and Tampa, Cape Coral does not have much of a nightlife, but there are plenty of restaurants and cafés special only to that particular area.
Below are 5 specialty cafés located in Cape Coral, FL you won't want to miss out on!

1. Bones Coffee Company5 Specialty Cafés in Cape Coral

Averaging at a 4.3 star rating, Bones Coffee Company is a café that prides itself on providing the best experience for each customer when brewing their coffee. To ensure the freshest flavor from their coffee, Bones brews in smaller batches than some other coffee chains do. Full of rich, full-bodied and smooth flavors, Bones is not a place to be missed by the coffee eccentric. Bones also sells their own apparel, hats, tote bags, brewing and mugs.

2. The French Press

Averaging at a 4.5 star rating, The French Press offers a friendly ambience for its customers to enjoy sips of finest coffee alongside freshly curated sandwiches, delicious pastries, and artisanal gelato. An environment for both the caffeine addicts and foodies, you won't want to miss this sweet paradise focused solely on quality and sustainability. The French Press supports local growers in their purchase of fresh vegetables and fruits delivered every morning, with the intention of supporting the community of Cape Coral.

3. Java D'oro Gourmet Coffee Roasters

Averaging at a 5 star rating, Java D'oro Gourmet Coffee Roasters is a specialty café and company in Cape Coral, FL. The roast-masters are known for their profiling techniques to bring out the best flavor and aroma from their specialty Arabica beans. This café is family owned and operated since 1998, with each small batch roasted to perfection for every customer to ensure the best experience.

4. BAM German Bakery and More

Averaging at a 4.2 star rating, BAM German Bakery and More is a French and German styled European bakery. They not only specialize in deliciously brewed coffee, but also in exquisite German styled breads, French pastries, specialty cakes, and the German Sausages Deli. This quirky and unique deli posing as a café is a good fit for those who love the many tastes of coffee, but who also have an appreciation for German heritage and the foods of the culture.

5. Scooter's Coffee

Averaging at a rating of 5 stars, Scooter's Coffee prides itself on strong emotional ties with local farmers, employees, franchises, baristas, customers, and suppliers. Scooter's Coffee was born in 1998, and is fortunate to have over two decades of success due to the commitment of the original company values, and business principles. The rare name "Scooter" is based off of making customers happy by helping them "scoot in and scoot out" quickly. Smiley face stickers were started by Linda Eckles in 1998 as her own way to say "have a great day" to each customer, and lucky for her, it stuck (pun intended). Each cup is adorned with a smiley face sticker!

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