There are several key factors to take into consideration when buying a house on the Gulf of Florida's Forgotten Coast. In carefully evaluating these factors, choosing the right home that will ensure your long-time happiness can make the whole process easier. Let's get started!

A Waterfront Property 4 Key Factors to Buying a House on the Forgotten Coast of Florida

There is a ton of amazing qualities that comes in a neat little package about owning a waterfront property! To start, the beach is your backyard, just a few steps from your backdoor! Hosting amazing parties, and enjoying beautiful views daily will make your house the chosen party house. Unfortunately, however, waterfront properties come with their slew of problems, and solving some of the accompanied issues can help make you happier with your property in the long run.

  • The Issue of Tourists and Beachgoers

Ensure that you set time aside to map out the quickest route to and from work to ensure that you have enough time in the height of the summer aka "tourist season" to avoid clogged roads. It can also be beneficial to you to find alternative routes you can use if traffic gets to be a little too crazy!

  • Understand Natural Disasters

Loving the ocean can come with its list of dangers, in and out of the water. Keep a close eye on the weather so you can be properly prepared for any sign of evacuation, as Florida is home to many a hurricane. Ensure you keep a "go" bag packed and ready in case you have to grab it and run.

  • Love the Beach Safely with Your Kids

Small children in your family should be under close surveillance at all times when it comes to being near any body of water. Ensure that strategies are put into place for your new home, including but not limited to the addition of deadbolts on doors that are difficult to reach for children, as well as monitoring systems such as in-home cameras, to keep track of smaller children when your eyes can't be on them.

Cost of Insurance 

Natural disasters are a serious consideration to take when purchasing a home on the Forgotten Coast of Florida, and your insurance company will understand this. Ensure that you carefully evaluate policies to detect if certain coverages for key damage in your area are or are not offered. To make the most of your property, your insurance should cover the following potential damages:

  • Flooding
  • Hurricane
  • Wind

That way, expensive repairs out of pocket can be prevented.

Pricey Property Taxes

Before you dive in (pun intended) on purchasing property on the Forgotten Coast of Florida, take a close and careful look at the property taxes in the area you are planning to settle down in. If you are in a town very close to the joys of the beach, your property taxes are sure to be higher than if you were located in a different area of Florida. This can be a critical addition to your budget, especially erroring in the potential of overspending.

Dreaded HOA Restrictions

Life on the Forgotten Coast of Florida is a dream come true, and you can bet that there are many an area and neighborhoods where homeowners associations do their best to keep it that way! Gated communities, safe and stunning, and beachfront areas are sure to be part of a homeowner's association. Before choosing to settle in an area, make sure you check out the HOA policies for the neighborhood so you understand your fees and where they will be applied. To consider, HOA rules often include the following:

  • House Color Requirements- This ensures that the neighborhood looks its best, therefore certain bright colors may be prohibited.
  • Pet Restrictions- A limit on how many pets and what size of pets (if you are a dog person) you can own and house at your residence.
  • Lawn Maintenance- If you tend to let your lawn overgrow from time to time, there is a high possibility of a fine you will have to pay if you don't keep up with lawn maintenance.
  • Vehicle Regulations- There may be a high possibility that you will have certain spots near your home where you can park a vehicle and in most neighborhoods the option of parking a camper or RV may be impossible.

It can be disheartening when faced with so many strict regulations that HOA imposes, but know that these rules impact everyone in the association. To think in a more positive light, these rules are set to ensure that your community value stays in a good light. Take into consideration finding an HOA that fits your lifestyle to make this easier on you.

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